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  1. chrispy

    The plan on how to install a new defense

    I wonder if the team shifts, over time, from solely athletic standouts (remember when every thread in here included SPARQ) toward more cerebral players that think quickly but might not have the fastest 40. There have been some brought in previously (pick your favorite) because of their...
  2. chrispy

    Justin Fields has toxic relationships

    I think Bugs Bunny said it best... "What a bunch of macaroons!"
  3. chrispy

    Bears, Chicago at Loggerheads Over Proposed Stadium

    Latest on this topic....
  4. chrispy

    Dremont Jones switching to EDGE/OLB?

    He wasn't successful rushing the passer last year and we couldn't set the edge last year. Maybe he DJones could improve both situations with a swap of positions on certain downs. It certainly won't hurt....
  5. chrispy

    Do you believe this about Russell Wilson?

    I have nothing to prove the following, but I've posted here on .net previously about it and believe it to be playing out predictably. Russel Wilson is a victim of concussions. The first time I posted about it was the first game of '22 when he came back to Seattle. You all know the game so no...
  6. chrispy

    Stealers Looking for a WR...

    A trade isn't black-and-white, yes-or-no. DK is a valuable part of the team. He puts up big numbers. Lockett is a big part of the team. He serves a valuable purpose even if his numbers aren't as big as they once were. However, if Pittsburgh (or any other team) values either of those...
  7. chrispy

    The Auburn of Boom

    We know we have talent back there. Last year was a pretty big drop off from the year before. So the big question is why that happened. Was is mostly the lack of a passrush, Sophomore slump, communication from different personnel combinations, attitude, opposing Os film study...??? I'm sure...
  8. chrispy

    Pick # 121 - TE AJ Barner

    6' 6"... maybe Colby Parkinson catcher and Will Dissly blocker...???
  9. chrispy

    Bears, Chicago at Loggerheads Over Proposed Stadium

    This is an interesting topic to me. To get a school built and financed, a metro usually has to pass a bond with a majority or super majority depending on state and local laws. A stadium can be passed with a public vote, but it normally falls well short. The next step is to find government...
  10. chrispy

    Leonard Williams or the 44th pick in round two?

    I'm not sure "common practice"..., but a few. This one seems unique to me (I'm not trying to convince anyone and respect that you disagree). The cap couldn't take on LWs hit and they brought him in anyway. Usually JS seems pretty reticent to play games with cap but he paid with draft...
  11. chrispy

    Niners catching flak for pick

    They have 11 picks I think. Trading back loses value at some point if it results in 1 more player you cut at the end of camp...
  12. chrispy

    POLL: What If Byron Was Our Only Pick?

    1 player can't be everywhere and do everything. Any improvement won't be solely attributable to BMurphy nor any failure. However, he's potentially an upgrade at multiple DL positions. He should allow LWilliams to get more 1on1s. He should improve LB tackling and overall results if he's...
  13. chrispy

    Leonard Williams or the 44th pick in round two?

    I have nothing to back me up, but I believe that trade was a PC Hail Mary knowing his job was on the line. If he was denied, he'd have an argument that he should have another year. I think PC felt he was close to a playoff run and needed one chess piece. That trade was so out of character for...
  14. chrispy

    Erasing history

    MM is either staring at JSs butt, or he's thinking about LWilliams, JReed and BMurphy stunts to overwhelm opposing OLs.
  15. chrispy

    Usually, I let John do what he wants. But...

    If John has 3 guys he's good with, and trades down 3...he still comes out ahead. He'll try to trade back, but there aren't probably many takers with so much talent left still.
  16. chrispy

    Mike MacDonald removes Carroll related Seahawks imprint

    If this is the reaction to taking down some pictures, I sure hope he never goes for it on 4th and short....
  17. chrispy

    Geno Smith runs 21.67 mph during practice.

    The NFL says that Jackson’s top speed was clocked at 21mph; for a bit of comparison, US sprinter Tyson Gay’s top speed is 27.40mph. ...from a Jan 25 article on referring to Lamar Jackson in 2023. Sure it's not apples to apples, but new coach might be trying to integrate a few...
  18. chrispy

    Robot or Emotion

    How do you qualify TBrady? He was pretty cold a lot of the time, but got emotional too. In todays NFL, a QB has to be able to think quickly and consistently. I think emotions in-game slow that down. But keeping motivated and motivating teammates is all about emotion. I think great QBs are...
  19. chrispy

    The Third Round is the Absolute Worst Place to Take a QB

    The hit rate including the first 12 picks is quite dismal as well. Franchise QBs are hard to hit on and where they're picked rarely predicts their future performance.
  20. chrispy

    Seahawks eligible comp picks (so far)

    I'm just going on recollection and interpretation, but does it seem like comp picks were a priority early on and later became an after-thought but have become more important again this season? First that's an actual question, not me trying to uncover some great unnoticed truth. Second...