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    Bills trade Stefon Diggs to Texans

    As an organization you cannot trade a player who just restructured to stay with your team. Lockett isn't going anywhere this year unless he demands it.
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    Kickoffs Intersting Again?

    How do you figure? If a kicker can put the ball inside the 20 but out of the end zone it has to be returned. The receiving team can't fair catch anymore. They only way you see a lot of touchbacks is if long returns become a normal thing, and even then some teams will be better at stopping those...
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    Hear those crickets?

    Could JS be fishing for comp picks next year, similar to Pete's first few years? A lot of FA moving on with big contracts. A lot of cuts around the league as well, wondering if they primarily target cuts rather than FAs this off season.
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    Lockett could still be cut

    He also ties for 16th most 1st down catches on 3rd or 4th down. Others with 21 catches on 3rd or 4th down include Garrett Wilson(16 first downs), and DeVonta Smith(12 first downs)
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    Lockett could still be cut

    Out of 21 catches Lockett caught on 3rd down, 18 of them went for a first down. All three that were short, he fought for the extra yard to get the first down. Hell one was a screen pass where he lowered his shoulders into a group of guys. I get that you don't like the guy, but at least have...
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    Jamal, Quandre & Dissly Released!!!

    He dropped 4.5% of his targets in 2023. JSN dropped 10.8% DK dropped 5.9% Lockett dropped 4.1% Fant dropped 2.3% Colby dropped 5.9% Bobo dropped 0% What is your definition of 'a lot of drops'
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    Jamal, Quandre & Dissly Released!!!

    LOL what??! Tyler had more 1st downs receiving last year at 47 than anyone on KC not named Travis Kelce at 50. Rashee Rice was 2nd at 44. Justin Watson was 3rd with 21. Yardage wise, Tyler had 894 yards he's still miles about KC's Justin Watson's 460 yards.
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    Would you be mad drafting this guy at 16?

    I would argue that the only way a center would be worth a top 16 pick is if he becomes a Hall of Famer, and even then you still probably picked him to early.
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    Would you be mad drafting this guy at 16?

    Mike Pouncey was drafted at 15 to the Dolphins in 2011
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    Would you be mad drafting this guy at 16?

    13 years, but you're point stills stands. No to a 1st round center please
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    Sabrina Ionescu scores record 37 points to break WNBA & NBA record

    That doesn't make any sense at all. Throwing a football is nothing even remotely close to shooting a basketball.
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    Sabrina Ionescu scores record 37 points to break WNBA & NBA record

    She spent her career playing with the slightly small ball. Steph spent his career playing with the slightly larger ball. Steph would shoot just as poorly using the WNBA ball, as Sabrina would using the NBA ball. If you wanted true equality they would have two rounds, one round each with each...
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    Ranking Geno Smith - Seattle All time QB list

    12th if you go by yards or TD's Top 10 by yards. 1) Jimmy Graham 2) Itula Mili 3) Christian Fauria 4) John Carlson 5) Jerramy Stevens 6) Will Dissly 7) Charle Young 8) Luke Willson 9) Zach Miller 10) John Sawyer Top 10 by TD 1) Jimmy Graham 2) Jerramy Stevens 3) Itula Mili 4) John Carlson 5)...
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    Leslie Frazier Hired As Assistant HC

    Looking up recent (successful) young first time head coaches, they all had experience to help help guide them. Wade Phillips for Mcvay, I'm sure Kyle talked to his father plenty, also had Jon Embree who left with Mike McDaniel to the Dolphins. Frazier is a great hire to help Macdonald adjust...
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    Ranking Geno Smith - Seattle All time QB list

    Nah, Drew is 1-1 as a starter here. Loss to the 49ers and Win against the Eagles.
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    Ranking Geno Smith - Seattle All time QB list

    Seattle has had 24 different QB's start a game. If we go by win percentage as starter alone. The great Glenn Foley is number 1, followed by Trent Dilfer at number 2. Geno is down at number 8 just below Hass. Obviously going by stats alone will not work You could make a solid argument that Geno...
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    Seahawks Hiring Ravens DC Mike Macdonald As New HC

    A couple of thoughts, He was well liked enough by John Harbaugh as a position coach in Baltimore, that Jim hired him as a DC for Michigan. And liked enough by Jim as a DC in Michigan to get hired back as a DC in Baltimore. I'll admit I did want an offensive minded HC, but with the current...
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    Luckily you get both! I hear the broadcast will be split screen with one screen fully on Taylor the entire game.
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    Dan Quinn and.... Chip Kelly???

    A lot better than 13-30, 3-37, and 13-31
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    Quarterback options for 2024

    In terms of facing the 49ers Drew did score more TD's in one game than Geno has his entire career. And over the entire year Drew has more yards per completion than Geno

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