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  1. mistaowen

    Got what we wished for -

    Very excited for the offense this year. Change will be nice, really enjoyed what Grubb ran at UW. Biggest potential issue as it has been forever is OL play. When Geno had league average time, he was efficient as hell and a top 10 QB. Gotta be a priority getting the line play MUCH better.
  2. mistaowen

    Spencer Rattler at South Carolina pro day

    He's such a unique case - came into college as arguably the best player and likely #1 pick but flamed out HARD at Oklahoma. All the talent in the world but got humbled, went on to a fairly middling career at SC though their roster was pretty terrible. Saw some interviews with him and he seems...
  3. mistaowen

    Appears many are bailing

    Sure but he wasn't really used as a traditional safety and MM has already said Spoon will likely play that hybrid role. Year 1 Hamilton wasn't anything special, they carved out a unique role for him and he absolutely thrived. I'm excited to see what Spoon can do all over the field.
  4. mistaowen

    Is it plausible that perhaps w/ Seattle's new hires

    Lot of $$$ being spent so far on guys who probably don't deserve that amount. Only surprise is Queen and the contract he got, he seemed like a no brainer to come here. I'm fine with JS taking him time. Best way to sustain winning is youth on good contracts and then reward them with a second...
  5. mistaowen

    Queen signs with the Steelers 3/41

    Not a mondo contract, Queen seemingly not needing to go play for his former DC and MM not feeling like they needed to beat that. I'm surprised, seeing Brooks leave I assumed they'd get him. Pretty empty FA LB pool left, guess they'll be taking some early in the draft. Very likely R1 pick gets...
  6. mistaowen

    Appears many are bailing

    Lot of rumblings Pete thought team was close to competing for a SB, leadership (JS too?) didn't. I'm probably in the not actually competing camp. This team looked like a JV squad against elite teams, especially on D. New scheme, new voices, new vision. Lewis got a crazy overpay, TE's are a...
  7. mistaowen

    Is it possible OC runs with Lock?

    The only reason I could see them going with Lock is they feel the drop off from Geno is worth the savings. Sounds like MM wants to be physical, run the ball, and not expect the QB to win every game himself, referencing the Lions setup. He wouldn’t be expensive at all and looked, alright? in...
  8. mistaowen

    What are the expectations

    The games where the Seahawks D made the other team look like a college program are some of my favorite memories. The Ravens game this year reminded me of that so much. Bullied, completely different level of physicality, 5 guys flying the ball every. single. play. Free rushers because of...
  9. mistaowen

    What are the expectations

    I think the roster as constructed is a playoff contender but it'll take a year or two before him and John do a clean up of the roster and get their new guys in. The NFC West is still the best division in football and 49ers/Rams will remain right near the top. First year HC is going to have a...
  10. mistaowen

    Eagles hire Clint Hurtt

    Pretty good spot for him. Eagles have a great DL and everything I've heard says DL coach is his best role. Maybe he can get another DC shot in a few years.
  11. mistaowen

    Nick Sirianni

    Top 3 OL in the NFL, explosive runners, 2 stud WR's, and their OC is somehow running the most vanilla god damn offense in the NFL. Steichen carried this roster man.
  12. mistaowen

    Dan Quinn & Mike MacDonald Interviews

    Yeah Washington gets #2 pick with cap flexibility and some decent skill players. Seahawks WR room is better but he realistically doesn’t have much choice besides Geno right now unless they give up the next 2 drafts to move up.
  13. mistaowen

    Dan Quinn & Mike MacDonald Interviews

    DQ not surprising but very happy to see Mike Macdonald is at the top of the list. Goal has to be beating Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan, right now this team is third in the division. His defense kicked the hell out of the 49ers.
  14. mistaowen

    Pete Carroll: Wasn't 'football people' who decided his fate

    Couple things after listening: 1) NFL orgs that have an owner involved with personnel, scheme, football ops decisions generally are bad. Head coach and GM need to work in tandem without an owner looking over their shoulder besides year end metrics. To this point, Pete is correct. 2) There is...
  15. mistaowen

    I predict JS will make a bold choice for HC

    I like Ben Johnson a lot and would love to pair him with someone like Jesse Minter from Michigan or Nate Dreiling from Utah for DC. He's extremely well spoken and oozes confidence/intelligence, the more interviews I've watched of him the more I'd be thrilled with him being hired. Let him...
  16. mistaowen

    Poll: Does Pete stay if the Seahawks made the playoffs?

    I think yes with a caveat that if next season doesn't improve on basically everything defense related they wouldn't extend him. The Steelers loss and then barely beating a bad Cardinals team who actively threw the game away was probably the last straw. Once all the year end metrics were...
  17. mistaowen

    Poll: The catalyst that lead to Pete’s departure

    I think ultimately it was just the defense being SO bad when that was the focus area coming into this season. If the defense was merely average, this was probably a 10+ win season and they're in the playoffs with Pete coming back next year. All of the things Pete said needed to be better on...
  18. mistaowen

    Hawks Most Attractive Team for New Coach?

    That's where I'm at. It's almost an identical situation to Pete leaving USC. He's already had success in the NFL, he reached the top in college football, and IF he decides to come back to the big leagues he is going to want full autonomy of his program. No way does JS finally get his shot to...
  19. mistaowen

    Pictures Worth 1000 Words

    Yeah - JS has been pretty open about wanting to be the guy and now he has his chance. Which is also why there's no shot in hell Harbaugh comes here, IF he leaves Michigan it'll be the same manner that Pete did with full control. Since he got to Seattle Pete has been his boss, regardless of...
  20. mistaowen

    I cried for Pete and my wife is mad

    I've already got a FIRE *** thread ready to go if this team loses week 1 in pre-season.