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    Sam Howell is Geno's Backup!!

    I mean if we picked a development QB in the 3rd round with the 97th pick it would be all of about 2 weeks before people are calling him to start over Geno. This is a great trade, relatively low price for a guy who has shown flashes in a single season starting - including 3+ TD games against the...
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    Jamal, Quandre & Dissly Released!!!

    Hamlin's fight happened in October - if that's any consolation! I think he only played 4 or 5 games that year and was released after. Which means we had a full 3 months to find a replacement.
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    JSN on Shane Waldron

    The Bears will take #1 QB on the board for the very simple reason that Fields is on the last year of his rookie contract and will cost $$$ next year, that he's probably not really worth yet.
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    My sources confirm Grubb will be hired as OC(RUMOR)

    $25m is as cheap as you will get a QB on a veteran contract. $24.5m steps you down to Jimmy G levels. Or you can pay upwards for Ryan Tannehill (29.5m), Jared Goff (33.5m), Kirk Cousins (35m), Derek Carr (37.5m), Daniel Jones (40m) Given the injuries to our o-line and ineffectiveness of our...
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    Dan Campbell has no regrets

    But Badgley is 12/15 on 40+ FG attempts under the same period that you're looking at (i.e. Dan Campbell's tenure).
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    Ranking Geno Smith - Seattle All time QB list

    Why are you talking about him in the past tense ("For everything he played...") Has he been cut? Anyway, we have 4 QBs who started 100+ games, while he has started just 35 so he's behind those 4 obviously. In terms of Yards per game, yards per attempt, touchdowns per attempt and Interceptions...
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    Fades Take on Seahawks Culture with this Hire

    Did Pete steal your lunch as a kid Fade?
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    Seahawks Hiring Ravens DC Mike Macdonald As New HC

    From league's oldest coach to youngest - don't get much more philosophical changes than that! I'm glad we have a defensively minded head coach though, in my eyes it's always a lot more fun when people fear your defense than offense
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    Ravens DC Mike McDonald

    TBH I'd have though HC in Seattle would be top of the list for many coaches. The only concern I could see is maybe if they thought ownership change is coming could affect things
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    Final 4 NFL Teams do not have...

    Harbaugh also had a 5 year period where they failed to make the playoffs 4 times, including 2015-2017. The Ravens head brass decided to keep him on though, they drafted Lamar Jackson in 2018, a year later they're 14-2 and Jackson is MVP. In many respects Pete's 2023 season is much like...
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    Final 4 NFL Teams do not have...

    Harbaugh should have been sacked years ago - having only won a superbowl back in 2012 and a 2-5 playoff record since (prior to this year), having never made a championship game in that time. Clearly the Ravens are going nowhere, why stick with a coach whose message has clearly gone stale
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    Abraham Lucas undergoes surgery today

    PFF doesn't pass the eye test on that one - our offensive line was significantly more effective whenever Lucas was on the field this year
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    Do you want to draft a QB in 1st?

    Everything I read before this season about Hall was high motor but raw and will get beat often early in his career, so I never really expected him to make a mark this year. If he can have a Mafe like 2md year jump then we are in great shape. But I think LBer is our biggest need going into the...
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    Is It Youth?

    2 nine win team (Rams, Colts) and 3 eight win teams - plus ourselves at 8 wins. So we seem to be in pretty much exactly the same spot they all are in
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    Russell Wilson at his minimum salary of $1.21M?

    At vet minimum of 1.2m yes of course I'd take him and any team would be stupid to turn down that offer. There are 50 QBs with a larger cap hit than that next year, and some (Watson, Prescott) currently have $60m+ cap hits for next year. Comparitively you could use that cap space to add Chris...
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    Pete Carroll praises Seahawks pass rush

    Right but even if you take away those 6 sacks he still has as many sacks as our best player Take Macks 6 sack game away and he still has 9 sacks (same as our sack leader Mafe) and top 20 in the league. But even though they have less sacks you'd probably still rather have someone like Micah...
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    61/94 659 yards, 6 TDs, 1 INT 102.2 passer rating That's Geno in 2.5 games behind our starting O-line this year.
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    Pete Carroll praises Seahawks pass rush

    Yeah could do that too, that means 17 sacks in 2 games and 28 in 14 yuck! But I agree sacks come in bunches so not worth taking them all off, but I'd say 6 sacks in a game is a good output and lots of teams manage that occasionally. 11 sacks comes along in the league once a decade or so!
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    Pete Carroll praises Seahawks pass rush

    While I believe fans here are far more negative and critical of the team than they deserve, those stats are tilted by a single game against Giants with 11 sacks, which means in the other 14 games we've averaged around 2.4 sacks per game, which would put us in the bottom third of the league...
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    Ravens win possibly help Hawks?

    It means the Niners have to win out to guarantee they remain #1 seed - so less likely to rest players against Rams