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  1. Oly

    Personality Hall of Fame

    Great start. Marshawn and Bennett are shoo-ins. It's hard to argue with Sherm, and I'd throw Pete's name in for consideration. Mike Rob is also worth discussing. But when I look at my list, I don't like how it's biased toward the LOB years. Without the media saturation we have now, though, it...
  2. Oly

    Hawkblogger talks draft, trades away...

    I'm also a Chelsea fan (unfortunately) and good gawd that fanbase is a fickle mess. I hope it's not that bad here!
  3. Oly

    Hawkblogger talks draft, trades away...

    One mediocre/bad season isn't reason to trade a promising player on a cheap rookie contract. Even if he's not a scheme fit right now, I want a good defensive coach to have the opportunity to turn him into a good player for that scheme.
  4. Oly

    To move Cross, or not to move Cross?

    If some enormously graded LT fell to #16, then, sure, pick him. LT is such an important position that if you're sure the long term answer is on the board, then you pick him. I just think that's so unlikely to happen as to be irrelevant. The truth is that our tackles are not the problem, unless...
  5. Oly

    Trade DK?

    Mahomes is the difference. With him, you can get by with lesser WR talent so it makes sense. Without him, you need more quality at WR. The part of the Chiefs blueprint I do want to copy is by building through the OL. That was the worst part of Pete's roster construction and I'm hopeful that with...
  6. Oly


    Hey everyone! I've been posting a long time, starting around 1999 or 2000. At first it was just the PI forums, but then I spent a little time at SeahawkBlue and Hawkshack before ending up here. I don't post a ton because life's busy, but I lurk plenty. I grew up in Renton but moved around the...
  7. Oly

    Stream Hawk

    Hey Stream, I'm also moseying in here after the Shack got taken down. Good to see you!
  8. Oly

    Students Of The Game

    This poor Bama-centric YouTuber posted a phenomenal breakdown of Grubb's UW offense before the Hawks swooped in. It's super smart and the guy is hilarious.