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    The 49ers Super Bowl Window Has Closed, But So Has the Division.

    I don't understand the "window is closing on the 49ers " talk. Outside of Trent Williams the 49ers offense is relatively young. They have a young franchise QB in Purdy. McCaffrey Deebo Ayiuk and Kittle are all in their prime and in no way close to retirement or decline. On defense Warner...
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    POLL: Who Wins?

    3rd and Jennings surprises everyone with two TD'S and the game winner.
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    Dan Campbell has no regrets

    If Dan Campbell's team converts the 4th and short into a 1st down and goes on to win the game then he is a genius. I was hoping he would try for the FG . The 49ers Defense wasn't impressive at all during the 2nd half regardless of the stats. The Lions dropped key 3rd down passes and fumbled...
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    Eagles to play in Brazil in Week 1

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    Eagles to play in Brazil in Week 1

    It's not 1985. You don't want to hear whining but you went on and cried anyways. You don't want to listen then don't bother reading. I'm glad you have no problem with other people paying for tickets they can't access later. Good for you.
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    Taylor Swift

    Yeah I don't understand the physical attraction. But then again I do prefer my women to be white( am I allowed to say that?) with a ghetto booty. She has no booty. Too skinny and too much makeup. My wife loves her music . I prefer reggae.
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    Eagles to play in Brazil in Week 1

    So the Eagle fan pays for the full package and then is the only season ticket holder who loses control over one of his/her tickets. You think that is fair? I'll get my 9 home games next season to resell. I guess it's the " At least it's not me this year " mentality. OK. It's only a...
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    49ers already giving out excuses when they lose

    Yeah no advantage to the Chiefs at all. 🙄
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    Eagles to play in Brazil in Week 1

    So Eagle season ticket holders are screwed out of a home game. As a 49er Season Ticket Holder I can relate. We payed for the ticket in advance but have no control over the sale of the ticket. Just proves once again that the NFL (Goodall ) doesn't give a rats ass about the fans.
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    49ers already giving out excuses when they lose

    I've never seen so many fans whine about the 49ers . This page never disappoints. HAHA
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    How Many Super Bowls Have You Watched Live?

    Every year going back to Steelers - Cowboys Super Bowl X. I remember the Lynn Swan "acrobatic catch" . I was 10 years old.
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    Offensive Head Coaches are Dominating the NFL

    Well actually DB'S are constantly hanging on WRS. Pulling and tugging on them from the snap of the ball. By the rule DB'S are committing penalties on almost every play. Im all for letting them play but these officials just aren't consistent enough. They will allow a DB to beat up a WR all...
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    Dan Campbell has no regrets

    Dan Campbell didn't fumble the ball. Dan Campbell didn't drop key 3rd down passes in the second half. Dan Campbell didn't give up 27 points in the 2nd half. The Lions players did that .
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    Go Packers

  15. 49ersNFCWsBest

    Go Packers

    Bull()$& Brock Purdy came through when the 49ers needed him. 5-6 in the final drive. Only incomplete was the pass dropped by Kittle. Many QB'S would crumble under the pressure after starting off bad.
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    Why no Harbaugh interview?!?!?

    He inherited a team full of 1st round picks. A team ready to take off. He never drew up a single play on the chalkboard. He had Greg Roman and Vic Vangio calling the shots. He was a cheerleader who pissed off everyone around him. Contrary to popular belief many of the players didn't like him...
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    Who do you want as the HC?

    You are very welcome. Also try Google. It's actually a thing. Seriously I hope the Seahawks hire Harbaugh. It would be hilarious 😆
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    Who do you want as the HC?

    Harbaugh is a loud mouth cheerleader who complained constantly on the sidelines while coaching the 49ers. Harbaugh probably won 2 red flag challenges in his four short years with the 49ers. The officials couldnt stand the dude. I wonder why? Jed York during Harbaughs last year said "He asked me...
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    Can the 49ers be stopped?

    What happened in the 3 game losing streak was Deebo and Trent Williams didn't play and Jake Moody missed a cheap shot game winning field goal against Cleveland. Oh and the 49er Defense added Chase Young during the bye week.
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    I’m callin it, Brock Purdy is him

    For a few seasons now one one the hardest thing to watch as a 49er Fan was to see the defensive linemen over-pursue and not hold the edges. Running QB's and opposing Offensive Coordinators knew how to counter that pass rush. And thats with screen passes and move the QB outside of the pocket...