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    Jason Myers

    With the production the Seahawks received for the amount of money they it's definitely worth the try. Most college games I've been to are carried a lot of noise and energy. I think they can find a solid prospect that can do as well or better for much less.
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    I Pray RW Comes back to Seattle.

    Only if we can then trade him for another load of draft picks.
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    Jason Myers

    His production is easy to replace and you get more cap space. Why not go with one of the top college kickers?
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    PFF mock draft

    Beebe would be an awesome addition to the Oline!
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    J.J. McCarthy

    I think it's all about projecting them in the next few years. McCarthy should grow. Penix might be topped out with the knee situation. I'm hoping and trusting that they do their homework and do pick a QB this year.
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    J.J. McCarthy

    Some mocks have him going to Denver. So I'm hoping you are right. When I've watched him play I thought he successfully did whatever it took for his team to be successful. Having him play behind Geno for a year is starting to sound like a good path going forward.
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    Does Macdonald keep Geno?

    Take a QB in the draft and keep Lock instead would free up quite a bit of money. I thought DL looked good when given the chance. Geno didn't look good with the occasional chance he got as a back up. Just a possibility.
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    Trade down options

    I'm seeing a trade back with McCarthy or maybe Penix in the second, possibly third. OL will probably be our first pick.
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    Mike Vrabel

    Vrabel with Arthur Smith would be a good combination for the Seahawks.
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    Ravens DC Mike McDonald

    This sounds like a good idea either way they choose.
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    Ok. QBOTF. Who/when/where/why & how?

    I agree. Penix would be a great get. He finds a way to get it done. Pressure doesn't affect him as much as it does others. He would grow well alongside our young team.
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    Ok. QBOTF. Who/when/where/why & how?

    JS said he's always looking for a quarterback. I think he's over thinking the situation and let's opportunities pass him by.
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    Why they lost this game

    This. At times Geno appears slow in his going through progressions. Could it be that Waldron has not programmed in good hot reads for him. Other than that, he's a good starter for us.
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    Jamal Adams

    I think Adams is a different. He is perpetually unavailable due to injury. Unlucky or doesn't have the instincts to keep himself from damage.
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    Perceived need? They could use some help on the interior line. Witherspoon looked great tonight.
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    JSN vs Witherspoon. Good or bad?

    That pass was on the money. Geno is getting ready!
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    Jalen Carter stick a fork in him

    Not to us. Who knows what's been said in private.
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    A Solution at NT (a proposal)

    It's a very creative idea. I'm thinking Seattle would want more in the way of draft choices.
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    Bijian Robinson at #20?

    He would be a great value at 20. I'm thinking Hendon Hooker might be the pick.
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    Make your bold draft prediction for the #5 pick

    This is starting to be my guess also.