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    Geno Trade Value?

    /\ This, plus Geno is a better QB than Russ..!! Who's to say Geno won't excell under a new coaching staff? He has been very good, and definately hamstrung by his OL and the defense. Perhaps once those faults are corrected, Gman might become a Super Star. No one gave him a chance two years ago...
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    Seahawks Hiring Ravens DC Mike Macdonald As New HC

    You might want to past a picture of Mike on you headboard, why not let mama enjoy the big news...!
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    The After Glow

    YOU are the definition of "Not a true fan"! Your one joy in life is to continue to be a world class A Hole, day after day, week alter week. Imagine having to work with you every day or live with you, even worse.. You aren't alone, there are a couple of others in here who run a close second.. I...
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    QB Controversy

    There is no quarterback controversy! You don't lose your job due to an injury, pure and simple..!
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    Stupid Timeout

    W/o the TO it would have been delay of game with same resulted, nothing lost
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    D just needs one big takeaway that results in 7...

    It's nice to see the very rare positive post...
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    I guess they scored, my feed keeps going in and out. Do they replay this game anywhere tomorrow?
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    I've been waiting for him to be turned loose also. I believe he is right up there with the #1 and #2 backs talent wise, and way ahead of Dallas. Now is the time with K-9 resting/healing... Let's surprise some people..!
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    Pete Knows...!
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    JSN is garbage

    I'm thinking by your posting, you were jerking more than your knee...!!
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    Jalen Carter

    Only that he assisted his female companion with her shoplifting. She placed a stolen item in her bag, he picked it up and walked away..
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    First 2 drives

    I've been waiting for McIntosh, I think he will be right there with the top two.. He will surprise..!
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    Jalen Carter

    But the FO, the NFL and the fans are aware.. One needs not be arrested to be disciplined .... It's a beginning and doesn't look good for someone with previous problems and question marks.
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    49ers stink ass 3rd straight game

    He was irrelevant....
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    Geno Smith real deal? ...or just a flash?

    All starting qb's would be a great back ups..
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    Will Levis LIGHTING it up!!

    Neither is Brock Purdy..!
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    Broncos and Chiefs

    His feelings sure are..!
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    Everyone lost, niners sucking hinder, Rams ate it, good day
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    Awesome article about Pete and the Seahawks culture

    Does he ever get tired of it, he thrives on it. It's his personality, it's who he is. People like him are the reason the toilet paper companies stay in business..!