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  1. AROS

    Superb Owl 48 no longer on youtube.

    Same. N E V E R
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    HC MM - Expectations

    9 or 10 wins in 2024 Divisional Round in 2025 NFC Championship by 2026 if not before. We get lost in the fact that this team has a lot of talent. With the right leadership, I think we will go far and that starts with building things up this season with a winning season.
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    Students Of The Game

    Still waiting to hear from the owner. He's been MIA for months. Stay tuned.
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    Can anyone who is less myopic than me when it comes to college football explain why Penix isn’t even sniffing the top 5 QBs on anyone’s draft boards? I watched every Huskies game last season and while he has his faults like any QB, he is a marvel to watch and one hell of a hose for a left arm...
  5. AROS

    Schneider joins Wyman & Bob regarding Geno's contract restructure

    17 words in the original thread title. Jville, ya killin' me, man.
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    All White Uniforms

    Yeah for a game or two I wouldn’t mind the “whiteout” at all.
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    Analyze this quote from Mike MacDonald

    PS…I love Levine. A true fan and consummate professional.
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    Analyze this quote from Mike MacDonald

    Sounds like someone who is being honest. So many variables at play. Most new coaches like to find their own “guy”. He will likely be in John’s ear up to the draft to see if there is someone worth shooting for. Regardless, I imagine competition will be wide open. Geno won’t just be handed the...
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    All White Uniforms

    I actually like that! And Roland is clearly wrong. 🤫 The wolf greys look like our whites that haven’t been washed over a season. Barf.
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    Superb Owl 48 no longer on youtube.

    Sadly. It’s so stupid I literally try to burn it from my synapses the millisecond I read the phrase.
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    The younger generation doesn’t understand how good we had it…

    And enough with the hair pulling all involved. Either stay on topic or move on.
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    The younger generation doesn’t understand how good we had it…

    I didn’t become a Season Ticket Holder where I attended every home game until a year later in 1997. Glad I missed it. Sounds like some really douchey asshat fans for sure. Which is ironic because I went to Lambeau in 1999 for the Monday Night game, Holmgren’s first return since becoming the...
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    I Pray RW Comes back to Seattle.

    Thank God another Russ thread. I really missed those.
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    Welcome coach Brown & Perry!

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    Record after 4 games of 2024 season predictions..?

    What I do know for a fact is that it will be between 0-4 and 4-0.
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    Zero experience against MM's Seahawks...

    MM is M&Ms to me. I prefer any other shortening you can think of. MikeMac BigMacAttack MacDaddy MSquared MDub
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    The LOB of coaching staffs?

    And I wouldn't put Woolen out to pasture just yet (not saying you are, just in general). I 100% feel he never fully recovered from injuries and he played tentative all season which makes fans think you suddenly suck. He doesn't. He's human and was afraid to compound his injuries which made him...
  18. AROS

    Jason Myers

    He's one streaky kicker that's for sure. A couple years back he was pretty abysmal but they brought him back and he was like one of the better kickers if I recall. Dude is too streaky for my taste, and he sure loves to hug the uprights. Rarely is he a "down the middle" kicker.
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    Jalen Carter threatened to Kill 49er and his kids

    Spoon > Carter
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    **** SF

    LIX favorites right now should be the Chiefs period. They are the new dynasty until they are not. They are becoming Brady's Patriots all over again. 9ers are still very good but anybody calling them the favorites to win LIX is just silly. You got to knock the back-to-back champs off first.