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    Seahawks hiring Aden Durde as DC

    Was just thinking like..." Whats up Durde"
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    What are the expectations

    I too enjoy watching the defense way more than the offense. As hard as it has been over the last few years to watch them give up yards on the D side of the ball,they were fun and sometimes funny team on D. The offense has been quite boring at times. I'm looking forward to watching this team...
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    Final 4 NFL Teams do not have...

    I find this rather offensive!!!
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    Eagles @ Buccaneers

    Imagine if Philly had to play in a frigid cold waether game. Yikes, at least they would have some sort of reason to blame their crap 💩 on
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    One point that works in DQ's favor

    Also DQ=Disqualified
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    Come on without Come on within...

    Key word in that statement..."coodinators"
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    Now that Pete is no longer HC, do we roll with Geno?

    Harbaugh doesn't play QB...
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    Arizona told prater to miss on purpose for the draft pick (and to make ours worse)

    Your theory is all wrong. It wasnt AZ telling Prater to miss...It was the NFL.
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    I couldn't resist re-posting - a Russ 'meme'

    Pretty sure I heard him scream..."BELLY SLIDE"!!!
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    You Choose The Caption

    Hey Pete,we're thinking about letting you win this one!!!
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    Eagles Can Suck It

    With a slight juke to the right,all the way to the house!!!
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    If I could remove only one player from this roster...

    I thought he actually was a huge help for the Seahawks against the Eagles
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    We have yet to play a game with all cylinders firing.

    It would be nice to switch gears from our standard mode of inconsistencies into a more automatic form of efficiency and effectiveness. Then maybe we could just cruise right into the playoffs 🤔 😏
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    What a strange season for NFL fans...

    Definitely a QB driven leage. When a QB is hot,that team usually wins. But these refs are like in backward mindset rolls this year.
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    What a strange season for NFL fans...

    Another set of strange circumstances in yesterday's games plus another low/no stress Sunday for the 12's. What is this,like 5 or six this year. I guess it keeps us all guessing as to what can happen on any Sunday. Go Hawks
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    Running the ball on 2nd down

    We almost had them on their heels when we only lost 5 to 9 yards on second down runs.
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    Running the ball on 2nd down

    No...I think other teams just get lucky...
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    Game day breakfast

    Steak and eggs...I have work to do today. Keeping customers happy and its the holidays and all
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    Time to Lock and Load!!

    This alternative headline... "Lock beats 49ers Purdy Good" Just sayin... Go Hawks
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    Time to Lock and Load!!

    This alternative headline would be better... "Lock beats 49ers purdy good" Just sayin.... Go Hawks