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    Witherspoon comp?

    who’s your weatherspoon comp? I’ve heard em all, from sherm to prime. He’s reminded me so much of someone and I couldn’t exactly figure it out. The reason I found it so difficult is because the guy he reminds me so much of isn’t even a football player. Gary Payton.
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    I knew if Hawks drafted a DB early it would be based on one particular skill set- that being tackling. After last year’s disastrous tackling efforts by the secondary, I believe they got their guy. Spoon is an outright nasty dog and will be a pro bowler real soon.
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    Michael Jackson

    I actually believe they’re possibly talking him up and may trade him to a team in need of a legit starting CB.
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    Yet another Frank Clark post.

    Too much off the field baggage. Not the guy to lead young men.
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    How close are the Seahawks to a Superbowl run?

    Will make it to the NFC championship this year, will make it to the Super Bowl the year after.
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    Your preferences for qb at this stage of the draft

    Before last season PC and JC believed in Geno when nobody else did. After the season he had, and the team friendly deal he signed, why in the world would they believe any less in the man? Geno gonna be the starter for at least 3 years.
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    2nd Round #37 Pick DE/OLB Auburn, Derick Hall

    Looks like a Frank Clark clone.
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    2nd Round,#52 Pick RB UCLA Zach Charbonnet

    Like the player, but not at 52.
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    Geno for at least three more years.
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    Who does Seattle pick at #5? (Poll)

    I hope that either Anderson, Carter or Richardson are there. If that’s the case, I’m happy with any of the three (sound arguments could be made for each) more importantly, I think any of the three will draw serious trade interest. And I’m not opposed to that either. I truly feel Hawks are...
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    Geno's outlook for next season?

    Just watching Geno last year with the naked eye, looked so different than Russell, Geno looked competent and in command at the line of scrimmage, not heater shelter like RW (wow we have timeouts at the end of the game) he also seemed to see the whole field, went through his progressions well and...
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    Jalen Carter scheduled to visit with the Hawks this week

    I remember whining week 17 when we fell from #3 to #5, thinking, my god we lost our chance of getting Carter. Well here we are with a real shot and nobody wants him. He is exactly what our defense needs, so I’m in. Sometimes you need a few “dogs”
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    Geno's outlook for next season?

    You don’t hit 70% of your passes over 17 games in the NFL on luck. Geno will once again be among the top 10 passers in the league. But I got this feeling he will get hurt and Lock will get a shot. I also believe the Hawks are blowing smoke up yalls asses and will not be picking. QB at 5. He don...
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    Need another receiver

    I personally would prefer a RB before a WR. 3rd round. Build the trenches early.
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    Pete and CJ

    If ya think they’re there for the QB, you haven’t been paying attention very well. Nice photo-op however. Hawks were CJs favorite team growing up.
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    the New Draft thread - post Geno Signing

    Carter, Anderson or Wilson at #5 IOL, DT, Edge, LB at #20 see above for round #2 Wr, Rb, Qb round #3
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    Backup QB Preference Poll

    I like Henson Hooker, but off an injury and due to his age, wouldn’t want to use more than a third on the pick. But Seattle off the Geno signing, is there. Better fit/situation?
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    Backup QB Preference Poll

    Jake Haenner UDFA
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    At this point we have seen....

    Roll with Geno, build the roster at the line of scrimmage. Follow the Niners model. Build a roster that half of the QBs in the league could win with.