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  1. ivotuk

    Chop Robinson

    Chop didn't start playing football until he was a Junior in High School. Was 14 pounds when he was born, and his mom nicknamed him "Pork Chop." We had one of those at Offensive Tackle years ago.
  2. ivotuk

    DeWayne Carter IDL Duke

    Listening to First Draft with Mel Kiper and Field Yates (Apparently Todd McShay and/or his family has health issues related to COVID) Field and Mel brought up DeWayne Carter from Duke as a "Sleeper" Mel's Biggest 2024 Draft Sleepers: 2/12/24 Field Yates and Mel Kiper Jr. tackle Mel's biggest...
  3. ivotuk

    FantasyPros page w/draft links (some outdated) 2024 NFL Draft Guide: Mock Drafts & Prospect Profiles It’s never too early to dive into the upcoming NFL Draft class! We’ll have you covered as we all prepare to welcome the newest rookies into the league. Below...
  4. ivotuk

    Hawkblogger talks draft, trades away...

    I wonder if Tariq was playing injured all year? I haven't heard anything about surgery this spring, but it could have happened without us knowing.
  5. ivotuk

    NFL Combine: Seahawks Edition

    They have "real" responses to the questions also, which tells me they really were influenced by his coaching, and respect the man. No "canned" B.S.
  6. ivotuk

    Hawkblogger talks draft, trades away...

    Tariq Woolen
  7. ivotuk

    NFL Combine this Thursday

    "My dick came out!"
  8. ivotuk

    NFL Combine this Thursday

    Oops. Wishing and typing at the same time... (Good thing it wasn't wishing and wiping at the same time...)
  9. ivotuk

    Elly De La Cruz's foul ball smashes Green's Car Window

    Hunter Greene's $200,000 Mercedes Maybach GLS SUV
  10. ivotuk

    NFL Combine this Thursday

    NFL Scouting Combine Live Drills begins Thursday, February 29th, with exclusive LIVE coverage on NFL Network starting at 3pm ET. Full lineup below: Thursday, February 29th, 3pm ET – Defensive Linemen, Linebackers Friday, March 1st, 3pm ET – Defensive Backs, Tight Ends Saturday, March 2nd, 1pm...
  11. ivotuk

    Best center in draft…

    Man...all this time I've been singing "Cat Snatch Fever!"
  12. ivotuk

    Best center in draft…

    Nugent, Ted
  13. ivotuk

    To move Cross, or not to move Cross?

    Times a thousand...
  14. ivotuk

    Brock Huard: QBs Completion % on the move

    Was looking at Huskies stats for 2023 to see how much they threw/ran the ball, and time of possession, interesting numbers for Grubb's offense. 391 attempts rushing 555 attempts passing Time of Possession: 30:09 So even though they threw the ball 70% of the time, they still won TOP. Grubbs...
  15. ivotuk

    Seahawks are expected to hire Kennedy Polamalu as RBs coach

    Ughh...not sure about this. Josh Jacobs 2023 Attempts: 233 Yards: 805 YPC: 3.4 2022 it was 4.9YPC
  16. ivotuk

    Wyman & Bob: John Schneider on the hiring of Mike Macdonald

    Bob and Dave are joined by Seahawks General Manager and President of Football Operations John Schneider for the first time in 2024 to hear about the process of hiring Mike Macdonald as the next head coach and what he expects during the transition into the new era of the team, they look at what...
  17. ivotuk

    Brock Huard: QBs Completion % on the move

    It was on one of the podcasts, I'll see if I can track it down later. I don't think there was a minimum number of passes.