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  1. rcaido

    Last Night's Celebration of Pete (Pictures)

    There was a time when we were all in unity loving the hell out of all these guys! Greatest decade of sports for me.
  2. rcaido

    Poll: The catalyst that lead to Pete’s departure

    2020 when he handcuffed Wilson.
  3. rcaido

    Julian Love on players smoking cigars

    What year was this?
  4. rcaido

    Geno breaks NFL game winning drive record

    Geno dispell that he is not a clutch player. Plenty of time he came through this year. Congrats Geno
  5. rcaido

    Geno is MR. CLUTCH

    Good job Geno. Wilson "was" the leader in game winning drive this season.
  6. rcaido

    Geno gets the nod for the upcoming Titans

    Best thing for Lock. If, Geno loses one game, there is a good chance Geno doesn't come back next season and Lock can get the start. If Geno wins out, there are people who will sign Lock for just that one performance as a starter. All the pressure is on Geno. For some reason im worried about...
  7. rcaido


    Sometimes parents take their frustrations on their kids. Wilson played poorly in the first half. Then timeout Wilson had to use which was BS of the refs allowing the other team to sub w less then 10 secs when they had12 players. Then the refs didn't give the TD signal twice Why not let the...
  8. rcaido

    Vikings at Bengals

    Wow Vikings did everything they could to lose that game. Gives us hope to make the playoffs
  9. rcaido

    Seahawks want us to vote Diggs for Pro Bowl

    Vote Diggs off the island
  10. rcaido

    Chargers firing coach Brandon Staley and GM Tom Telesco

    Herbert is overpaid and overrated Never won a playoff game and has a below .500 record for his career. Yet he is the second highest paid qb
  11. rcaido

    Do you want DK out of here?

    His value has dropped since Wilson left...Should have taken the Jets offer for 2 1st round picks. If we can get a really good 1st round pick, like a top 7 then yes i would trade him. DK is too good not to keep despite his immaturity.
  12. rcaido

    The DK ejection is all over the news online today

    This was one of the few times im not annoyed by DK personal foul. The game was already over, so the ejection is no biggie. Sad thing is that, he will not have the benefit of the doubt his whole career now because of his immaturity. He is a marked man.
  13. rcaido

    Seahawks rank 27th in Run Scheme Diversity

    Well the 49ers is ranked 28th.
  14. rcaido

    Metcalf on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Sherm wanted to stay with Seahawks. They didn't think he would return to form from his injury. I would take no legs Sherman then Trey Flowers and Griffin. Man that was so hard to watch.
  15. rcaido


    Miss opportunity today. Broncos would have gotten a good chance to make the playoffs and if Wilson got another game winning drive, maybe comeback player of the year and some MVP chatter. Sadly couldn't come through today. So close
  16. rcaido

    dumb and dumber

  17. rcaido

    dumb and dumber

    Pete or McCarthy on that drive.
  18. rcaido

    Eagles @ Seahawks Flexed

    I was just about to post this, i can see us getting a lot of favorable calls tonight. Its all a script. Sadly though, i think we still going to drop the ball despite the ref on our side.
  19. rcaido

    A Harsh Reality

    Seahawks should have traded DK, instead of Wilson. The Jets offered two first round picks. Never understood paying two WRs over 20million and have a journeyman QB/backup throw to him.
  20. rcaido

    A Harsh Reality

    To be fair, our team got really lucky w/ a weak schedule and untimely injuries by the Rams last year. They didn't have Stafford and Cardinals fell off a cliff. This year, the team is getting expose for actually being borderline .500 team trying to make the last playoff wild card. I had them...