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  1. Gio

    Thoughts about our OLine ?

    Last 2 4th drives against cowboys I don’t think they put any effort tbh….🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Gio

    Thoughts about our OLine ?

    I agree! OL couldn't stop the pressure and Geno had like 2-3sec to throw , insane.
  3. Gio

    Thoughts about our OLine ?

    They were awful tonight! Especially in the 4Q. Geno couldn't catch a break
  4. Gio

    Penny out for extended period

    Feel for the guy. He's a great back. Every year we are unlucky. Carson , Penny , Adams...
  5. Gio

    Penny out for extended period

    Rashaad Penny out for a season. Broken Fibula
  6. Gio

    Jamal Adams likely Out for Season

    He may not be a ball hawk but if you surround him with a ball hawk cb or fs , he contribution will be huge. He gave us the pass rushing we were lacking. He looks like a Kam type of safety , not a good coverage though, but an extra pass rushing physical safety , that's all . Also his energy is on...
  7. Gio

    Jamal Adams likely Out for Season

    Aint gonna say i regret trading for him. He's still young and still has a lot to give. He's unlucky so far. With Jets i dont remeber him being injured. Let's hope him speedy recovery and come back stronger.
  8. Gio

    Jamal Adams?

    God... This guy is an injury prone. that sucks. Who's going to replace him ?
  9. Gio

    Bobby Wagner a Ram?

  10. Gio

    Playoff calculator

    This division is messed up lol any update on our Playoff percentage based on the latest results ?? Our division it’s on fire for sure and Seahawks must win all the games. But what else do we need in order to clinch ?
  11. Gio

    DK is really the next Antonio Brown, Terell Owens

    Locker room is lost. Period. That’s on Pete , Front office and maybe Captains.
  12. Gio

    DK is really the next Antonio Brown, Terell Owens

    I doubt DK or any WR would do this kind of stuff , getting into fights all the time and being ejected under serious coaches and QBs. It’s just Pete , Russ and Front Office can’t do something in order to shut DKs mouth.
  13. Gio

    my point of view (wilson , pc , js)

    Firstly , it’s PC that should be fired. And let Russ cook , under a new coach that believes in Russ abilities. If he isn’t the Russ we knew/know then we can look somewhere else. I know it’s hard to find a franchise QB nowadays , but I rather look for a franchise qb earlier , than later. Just...
  14. Gio

    my point of view (wilson , pc , js)

    I'd rather spend few years on a rebuilding ( new coaches , new young QB) , than watching this circus. I have to say im jealous of Cards , Chargers , Bills , Eagles. They made the change and took the risk. I dont feel like with PC , JS AND Wilson we have bright days ahead. So we should just turn...
  15. Gio

    Turnover is needed

    Pete to retire is needed.
  16. Gio

    Russel Wilson IS the MVP

    Idk but Cardinals are ballin and so Murray. He may get the MVP this year.
  17. Gio

    Rashaad Penny is Useless

    We drafted him while Chubb was available.. I don't think i will ever leave it behind lol
  18. Gio

    Seahawks eyeing Julio Jones *update: signed for Titans* Do we really need another WR ? Or invest in our OLine ?
  19. Gio

    Al Woods is heading back to Seattle // 1-year/$3M

    2020 he joined the Jaguars but he opted out due to Covid. Woods signed a 1-year/$3M contract with a $750k signing bonus.
  20. Gio

    Texans released JJ Watt

    I would not mind at all if we bring him in !