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  1. HHawk121

    16 sacks, #1 in the league

    It's one thing to tally sacks or turnovers in the "it was just a bad team" column... but they played in position, swarmed to the ball, and played relentlessly.. I think those things carry over to any team they play against as they gain more experience together.
  2. HHawk121


    I'd love having enough patience to wait it out and get the seamless experience but I have no self control... Also, I love watching reaction videos after the episodes come out. It's like re-living the experience vicariously through others.
  3. HHawk121


    For me, this has been the best hands down the most Star Warsy of the live action era. As a TCW and Rebels fan, 1-5 have thus far been absolutely wonderful TV. Can't wait for Ep.6
  4. HHawk121

    Seahawks are Super petty

    80 wasn't retired until 3 years after Largent hung up his cleats and he was a SHOE IN for HOF. He's the absolute gold standard. Russ needs a lot of really good years going forward to reach that height.
  5. HHawk121

    1st Round #20 Pick WR Ohio State, Jaxon Smith-Njigba

    the comparisons are in his shiftiness and how slippery and difficult to corral he is. I think he has some of the best traits of both ADB and Tate
  6. HHawk121

    1st Round #20 Pick WR Ohio State, Jaxon Smith-Njigba

    He looks a hell of a lot like Golden Tate on the field... Exactly who we needed as WR3!
  7. HHawk121

    Can my long-shot bet payoff

    I've got my MGM ticket in hand ready to cash it in if they do! When they traded Russ, I had to make that bet.
  8. HHawk121

    If You Were Schneider And The Broncos Called About Wilson...

    The toxicity in the locker room is enough to send the call straight to voicemail, but... I don't think Russ is finished. He's clearly going through the five stages of grief right now. I think he's between anger and bargaining. He thought he was the only thing keeping the Seahawks relevant and...
  9. HHawk121

    Here's a test. Name that couch!

    that would track.. I've never really been much of a simpsons fan. cartoons were never my cup 'o tea
  10. HHawk121

    Here's a test. Name that couch!

    bevis and butthead - married with children? rosanne? - not sure full house - fresh prince of bel air
  11. HHawk121

    why did they run

    the clock out after 2 out-of-bounds plays in a row???
  12. HHawk121


    I'm really excited for this show. Everything Taylor Sheridan touches ends up turning to gold.
  13. HHawk121

    Tulsa King

    I really enjoyed the first episode. I am not much of a sly fan, but so far, so good. Taylor Sheridan is on an absolute tear of good dramas.
  14. HHawk121

    Holy crap! Geno! Marquise!

    WOW! What a throw and catch!!!
  15. HHawk121

    We Were All Wrong

    We all? Speak for yourself. I have a BETMGM ticket here from March 30, 2022 with Seahawks winning the Suber Bowl at +8000. I intend to fly back to Vegas and personally deliver it to the sports book counter.
  16. HHawk121


    It was always meant to appeal to 12 yo's. Lucas himself said as much.
  17. HHawk121

    Cancelled tv series you want back....

    Away (Netflix)
  18. HHawk121

    Tate back to Seattle?

    It was on Hutch, not Ruskell. Vikings made an offer that the Hawks couldn't match. ... 11-18-2015
  19. HHawk121

    Blue jerseys, white pants vs. Dolphins

    looks nice but the white doesn't really go with any other component of the jersey/helmet... I can see why it isn't a common combo.
  20. HHawk121

    Time to sign Earl Thomas

    Not to be a contrarian to the majority, but I'd imagine Earl is feeling pretty humbled right about now. If ever Pete excelled at something, it is resurrecting troublemakers into team players. Not sure how the locker room relationships are with Earl, but if the core, KJ, Bobby, and Shaq are...