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  1. BlueTalon

    The O is great; D Bad

    In fairness, you were responding to a weeks-old post.
  2. BlueTalon

    Weather in NY is crazy

    Yep. The stadium was open for about four and a half years before they had their first rainy game -- against the Cowboys, if I remember correctly.
  3. BlueTalon

    Burns and Brown Out Monday

    You can do that sort of thing once in a while. You can't do it habitually without paying a price.
  4. BlueTalon

    Kaep’s letter to jets

    Kaepernick is delusional, and Florio is a moron.
  5. BlueTalon

    President Russell Wilson of the USA

    He gives off phony and insincere vibes. Hard to vote for him if it seems like even he doesn't believe what he says.
  6. BlueTalon

    Good News. The D is Blitzing More

    I promise you, I can screw it up.
  7. BlueTalon

    Russell Wilson meme thread

    He has a sense of humor. He actually rewatches and reacts to that video a year later with one of his video-making compadres.
  8. BlueTalon

    Russell Wilson meme thread

    The only Ciara song I could identify be hearing it is Level Up, and the only reason I could do that is because Brandon Perna used it in his now infamous video in which he celebrated the Broncos getting Russ.
  9. BlueTalon

    Stadiums in crime areas.

    I had an interesting experience in Russia, almost 30 years ago. I was on a regional bus between a couple of small cities. Some guy in the back had gotten way too drunk, and vomited. The driver apparently had a helper, and this helper came back to investigate. He made the drunk guy clean the...
  10. BlueTalon

    Stadiums in crime areas.

    The Sounder (Amtrak) train isn't like typical public transport. There are a few Sounder trains running on game day. When I'm in the area and can catch a game, I'll take the Sounder train in from Edmonds. When the train unloads, it's a huge throng of people making their way to the stadium...
  11. BlueTalon

    Things not looking good in Bronco land

    I saw this on that page. It cracked me up.
  12. BlueTalon

    Sean Payton

  13. BlueTalon

    I give you...Perna

    Garrett Bolles: "I'm tired of losing, man. I've been here for seven years, and all I've done is lost."
  14. BlueTalon

    Things not looking good in Bronco land

    I wonder how long it will be before Russ suffers a mystery injury and has to be treated in another city?
  15. BlueTalon

    I give you...Perna

    It will probably feel worse to Donkos fans if they lose to the Bears next week. Because they'll still be stinging from this one. And it will just feel like it's compounding.
  16. BlueTalon

    I give you...Perna

  17. BlueTalon

    Things not looking good in Bronco land

    The NEW new new new new new new new new worst game he's ever seen.
  18. BlueTalon

    Geno Named Fed Ex Air Player of the Week

    You had me going for a second.
  19. BlueTalon

    Russell Wilson meme thread

    Yes and no. If the offense puts up more points in the first half, the back end of the game plays out differently.
  20. BlueTalon

    Russell Wilson meme thread

    I believe so. Thinking back to the goal line interception, it's easy to imagine Hass saying the same thing to Marshawn that he did before the Beastquake run: "Go get 'em, Marshawn!"