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  1. JPPT1974

    RIP Tina Turner

  2. JPPT1974

    I am and really love the NFL if that answers your question.

    I am and really love the NFL if that answers your question.
  3. JPPT1974

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Happy Memorial Day!
  4. JPPT1974

    Why '23 will be better than '22: Front 7

    They just needed to get their chemistry and teamwork act together. Think that they are much more settled and much more know what they are doing.
  5. JPPT1974

    Mother's Day 2023!

    Mother's Day 2023!
  6. JPPT1974

    1st Round #5 Pick CB Illinois, Devon Witherspoon

    Secondary and CB's are often overlooked but also very much needed. Need to have someone like him as hope he can be a long haul and long term solution.
  7. JPPT1974

    Overall best QBs by team

    Just really think that you shouldn't go into the league unless not just physically but emotionally and mentally ready. That is what killed Mark Sanchez and to a lesser degree Sam Darnold.
  8. JPPT1974

    April Showers!

    April Showers!
  9. JPPT1974

    CBS Sports: Seahawks 8th best in NFC after 1st wave of Free Agency

    Media loves the Cowboys it seems. They are the media darlings. Too bad for the rest of the teams in particular the Hawks.
  10. JPPT1974

    Anthony Richardson only praised Pete after interviewing with teams

    Wonder where he would land now that they signed Smith to a huge team as in what team?!
  11. JPPT1974

    Ready for Warm Weather!

    Ready for Warm Weather!
  12. JPPT1974

    Is Anthony Richardson worth pick 5?

    Need to have in the great work ethic and great maturing. Along with being a character guy.
  13. JPPT1974

    Ready for Spring Weather

    Ready for Spring Weather
  14. JPPT1974

    Poll: If Russ retired today does he make the HOF?

    He did win one SB but lost one as well. And that really like NW Hawk says he has changed since marrying Ciara there. Really needs to go back and being humble again.
  15. JPPT1974

    Former Seahawk DJ Reed ready to face old team

    You can say he is getting the last laugh.
  16. JPPT1974

    KC can be had

    Really should had won some of those games there IMHO. Oh well young team.
  17. JPPT1974

    Rodgers to Seattle in 23’

    Yeah as really need to let the players do their jobs and coaches to do their jobs. Players play and coaches coach you know!?
  18. JPPT1974

    Rob Staton: I was wrong about Geno Smith

    Geno may not be nor ever could fill Russell Wilson's shoes there. But he is a good sport and that he is doing the best to win over fans and respect there. So far he lets his play do the talking for him.
  19. JPPT1974


    Yeah as he is an underrated actor. Think that a load of movie roles will now come his way.
  20. JPPT1974

    Ready for October Skies

    Ready for October Skies