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  1. emurri

    Lewis Injury?

    How serious is that kind of injury?
  2. emurri

    Lewis Injury?

    Yeah, I just hope it's not an acl injury. It would be nice to have the o-line at complete strength for the season. That would be huge for a rookie qb next season.
  3. emurri

    Lewis Injury?

    Has anyone heard anything about Lewis's injury? It's never good when a guy gets carted off. I hope its not season ending. I really think this o-line could be pretty good especially by the end of the season.
  4. emurri

    Pete Carroll Tests Positive for COVID

    I hope he feels better and is able to get back quickly. I wonder who is going to be leading the practices with Pete out? I know Pete is going to be doing things remotely but who is the guy running the practices?
  5. emurri

    Metcalf and Taylor scuffle during practice

    I would have to put my money on Taylor in that fight.
  6. emurri

    What do you think of this article - Jody Allen

    I just saw this article from the New York Post (a source I do not trust) on Google last evening. It is manly about the Trailblazers but it is also relevant to the Seahawks because it talks about her ownership style. If the information is true it may be concerning especially the allegations about...
  7. emurri

    REPORT: Baker Deal Nearly Done

    I do have to respectfully disagree about Matt Ryan. I think he is a shell of his former self and no longer has the arm to really get the ball down the field. I do agree that he is a tremendous leader and I imagine he would be an amazing mentor but that’s a lot of money for a guy that is on the...
  8. emurri

    REPORT: Baker Deal Nearly Done

    Is that the one with the orgy?
  9. emurri

    Seahawks Draft Day Rd2 and Rd3 Thread

    I totally agree! I think it is very smart.
  10. emurri

    Seahawks Draft Day Rd2 and Rd3 Thread

    I have to say I am truly loving this draft! I think this could be one of their best in a very long time. But I thought the 2020 draft was pretty bad and it is looking like it is going to turn out to be pretty solid especially if Lewis can return to his rookie form. I really like the attention...
  11. emurri

    OT Trent Brown to visit Seahawks on Thursday

    I was hopeful as well. I wish they would get one of these deals done when they have the guy in the building. I really hope we go defense early because I am not sure any tackle will be worth the first pick. Plus, they seem to really, really suck at drafting o-line early.
  12. emurri

    Just a reminder

    I have to agree with much of what you said. Pete does frustrates me as well and I am critical of him but does that mean he can’t be successful and bring us back to top? Heck no. There are things I wish he and John did differently but that definitely does not mean that I am anywhere close to...
  13. emurri

    Just a reminder

    I have been critical of Pete the past few years but I think PeteBall can work. I am excited to see them rebuild this team. I don’t think we are going to be great next year or maybe the next and that’s ok. I just want them to build the right way. Improve the lines, get some running back depth...
  14. emurri

    Just a reminder

    I totally agree! I will always be a fan, a player or coach or owner will not change that. I will be critical and I know I am only a fan and coaches, GM’s and players are way smarter in relationship to football than I will ever be. I will also admit when I am wrong. I just want the Seahawks to win.
  15. emurri

    John Clayton passed away today

    Such terrible news! My thoughts go out to his family. I still think his ESPN commercial is one of the best. He will be missed.
  16. emurri

    Some random thoughts

    What I really liked about Pete and John we they first got here was their ability to think outside the box and build a unique team. They went with tall, big corners and the Leo position and they were able to hit on these guys later in the draft because teams weren’t building their rosters the...
  17. emurri

    Trading DK

    I agree you need to have some balance in order to have a strong running game.
  18. emurri

    Everyone will talk about AFC West now

    Very good points. I totally agree with you. I will always like Russ and what he did here but next year I am going to be rooting for the Broncos to suck so we get better draft picks. After that I will wish him the best of luck unless it’s against the Seahawks. If John and Pete can rebuild this...
  19. emurri

    Anyone think Russ was trying to sabotage the O last year?

    I agree. I don’t think he would suck on purpose but I could see him checking out a bit when it was clear there was going to be no playoffs.
  20. emurri

    Pete: No Rebuild

    That might very well be the plan. I like the qb’s they have liked in past drafts so there may be hope. I would be willing to suffer through a few rough years if it means we rebuild the right way.