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  1. Nv_Hawks

    Cornerback need?

    Blount is a safety
  2. Nv_Hawks

    Pete on talent issues, scheme compared to 49ers

    I’m not sure one of our defensive starters would crack the SF lineup. Maybe Woolen. I’m starting to think we’ve over valued a lot of our players. Taylor looks like he plays patty cake with offensive linemen, with no meaningful aggression.
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    Signed Largent rookie card draft contest

    1. Murphy DE Clemson 20. Branch S Alabama
  4. Nv_Hawks

    Bring on the high draft picks and defensive roster overhaul

    This is funny. Pocic and Glowinski who’s playing now for NY, were drafted in their true positions and both were great in their PFF grades this year. Maybe it’s our coaching huh.
  5. Nv_Hawks

    Game was good

    I’m not one to usually complain, but on two long plays, it’s sure looked like Diggs and Wooten got held along the sideline.
  6. Nv_Hawks

    On to 2023 - High earners

    Who’s Burns? Did he ever suit up?
  7. Nv_Hawks

    Bring on the high draft picks and defensive roster overhaul

    Poona who? I can barely remember when his name is called for making stops. I like the guy but damn, our big guys don’t do anything.
  8. Nv_Hawks

    Spot on tweet from Brock

    Better make Desai the defensive coordinator or we lose him to the Browns.
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    Can my long-shot bet payoff

    I placed a little cash on the Hawks to win the SB this year. Well they made the playoffs, that’s the first step.
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    QB Carson Strong waived

    Carson Strong recently waived off Arizona PS, is in Seattle for a tryout.
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    Wow, this guy has no clue. He’s always retreating and most tackles he’s making are 8 yds from the LOS. Whatever happened to LB stopping the run. I would rather see Nick B, at least he’s a head hunter.
  12. Nv_Hawks

    Current draft position?

    Right now we have Denver’s pick currently #2 and most likely a top 5. With the Hawks slipping, where do we currently stand with their pick? Could we slip in top 10?
  13. Nv_Hawks

    Pete sounds done.

    This post was something I seen last week in Pete. I have a feeling he’s been given an ultimatum after last year and he’s feeling pressure.
  14. Nv_Hawks

    New Safety

    I watched film on him from 2020 and he’s definitely Adams light. Quick to the ball and loves contact. If they say weak in passing defense, so is Adams.
  15. Nv_Hawks

    Seahawks Files: RB Curt Warner

    Here’s a few more. And one of the greatest WR ever.
  16. Nv_Hawks

    Seahawks Files: RB Curt Warner

    I love this. In 1983 and 1984 I worked at a gym and had the pleasure of meeting the team during their workouts. I had pic of Curt and the following year he signed it.
  17. Nv_Hawks

    Flipped draft script

    At the beginning of the season, we were the ones who should have been sitting in a top 5 draft position and Denver’s 1st much lower.Oh how things turned and Denver is sitting at 3-5 range. Could you imagine if the Hawks season played out as all the pundits planned? We could have been sitting...
  18. Nv_Hawks

    Interesting how Wilson changed narratives?

    Yes, just viewed this earlier, great insight into what we all thought.
  19. Nv_Hawks

    "Hi My Name Is Aros And I Am...

    I live in Reno and love the betting odds and the disrespect they give our Hawks. I’ve been doing quite well betting the Hawks and took them today paired with the under.
  20. Nv_Hawks

    So The Dream Season Continues.

    I love watching the Hawks this year. No stress from games like the past and just happy we’re playing well and not concerned about the outcome. The future is so bright here.