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    Stop me if you've heard this one....

    Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson walk into a bar.......To watch GENO in the playoffs...!!!
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    DK is a liability

    I would feel different if he could catch the damn ball, so I'd like to see him gone for a 1st rounder also.
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    DK non existent

    Yeah.. Can't believe how terrible he is at catching the damn ball..!!
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    Yeah..The Vikes picked a great time to sh#t the bed...SMDH
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    Russ reexamining his entire routine

    Another INT for Russ..
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    Lions vs Bears, Browns vs Commanders

    Browns could win this one..!! Up by 2 TD's with under 6 minutes to go..!!
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    Geno has not regressed!

    Here's what I see..Week 9- Walker runs for 109 yrds we beat the cards by 10. Week 10 off to Munich and Geno is the leading rusher with 22 yrds..WTF...Week 12 after the bye Walker is leading rusher with a whopping 26 yrds..WTF..Week 13 Dallas is leading rusher with 37 yrds hmmm I think I see a...
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    New Safety

    Well...There must be a reason why he's available right..??
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    Geno wasn’t clutch

    Yes...It was way off target I agree...But it was very catchable also.
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    Geno wasn’t clutch

    Yeah ...and a top rated nfl receiver should be able to catch a low throw without bobbling it..That is what he gets paid to do....DK just doesn't have great hands...Period... I've seen many receivers catch that throw with NO problem..!!
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    Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (vs Raiders)

    37-17 Hawks...It will be close for a while but the hawks will pull away in the 4th.
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    Can’t listen to Dungy

    Yeah...No sh#t ...Who doesn't hate the patriots..??
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    Broncos memes

    Wonder what it's like in their house with that big fat elephant in the room..?? Or do they just ignore the elephant..??
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    Great assessment of Geno's probable next contract

    Absolutely this...Lets see where we are in a few weeks and go from there.
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    Annual Cowboy slurpfest underway (Giants at Cowboys)

    Giants with the pick..Would love to see the G-Men roll the cowgirls ..Who knows..we might need the tie breaker
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    I was wrong! You haters were right!

    Wow.. Could anybody actually be more wrong...???
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    One TD and 3 field goals isn't going to win many games if any....
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    Pick is looking better all the time....Now if the cards can just beat the digits tomorrow night
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    McCarthy hugging Rodgers

    That's a lot better than I felt..!! Maybe a tie would of been betterr..??
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    What if Bucs are expected opponent

    Well...Ya have to get the playoffs first of all....