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  1. Yxes1122

    Trading Baker Mayfield

    I don’t think the salary is the problem. The Browns have the second most cap space of any team with Baker on the books. They don’t need to trade Baker. If they ate 15 mil of his salary they go up to #1 in cap space. Salary is not the problem. The hold up is that no one is willing to trade [what...
  2. Yxes1122

    What if Denver craps the bed

    Odds are super low that the Broncos pick is anything higher than a mid twenties pick. As a devoted Hawks fan, I will root for Denver to go winless. Not out of hate for Russ, but out of a desire to inflate the value of the picks. I just can’t see it happening. I would expect Russ to explode in...
  3. Yxes1122

    5 names you hope to see the Hawks draft any round

    I’d be ecstatic with these names. Trying not to copy your list: Carson Strong Skylar Thompson Zamir White Alec Pierce Nik Bonitto
  4. Yxes1122

    The 2022 NFL Draft Hill

    I think Seattle take Ebiketie at 9 or after a short trade down. But it’s Pete and John so it’ll surprise us all and we’ll hate it. Edit: Which worked out for Jordyn Brooks, but not Collier. And JS said in his post combine press conference that they would’ve drafted Fant in 2019 in the first...
  5. Yxes1122

    Carson Strong (QB Nevada)

    So in general I’m not worried about his accuracy. I don’t think its a core problem. But when his feet aren’t right, he tends to miss high. (RW did this too, it’s really not rare). But he’s more than accurate enough for the NFL.
  6. Yxes1122

    Carson Strong (QB Nevada)

    Strong is my favorite in this class. And can be had at a point where I think he’s worth taking a shot. He’s not mobile, but has some of the best pocket presence of any QB in this class. He’s great at solving problems post snap, throwing the deep ball, and taking advantage of one on one’s. He...
  7. Yxes1122

    Desmond Ridder Visits Seahawks

    This fan base would destroy any first round QB that isn’t an immediate, impact player. Every mistake is going to be “If we had Wilson…” Imagine if Mac Jones had replaced Brady day 1? I’m for waiting a season. Or drafting a later round QB with lower expectations. The fan base needs to adjust...
  8. Yxes1122

    If Thibodeaux is there at 9 do you take him?

    This is fair. The 4th LT off the board could have a better career than the 1st EDGE. It's an eye of the beholder thing. Would you rather have Trevor Penning or KT? I'd probably say KT. But if you feel like Penning is a anchor on the left side for the next 5 years, you take him.
  9. Yxes1122

    If Thibodeaux is there at 9 do you take him?

    In this I think I’d disagree. Seattle needs a game wrecking pass rusher and KT is probably the best edge talent in this draft. Great explosion, great bend. He’s a bit of a Von Miller type (though not saying he’s going to have a career like Miller). I think drafting KT is fulfilling Clint...
  10. Yxes1122

    Okay - seriously. WTF is the global plan here.

    I mean, Pete is the coach and John’s the GM regardless of how we feel right? Only time is going to prove whether they’re wrong or right. Might as well try and guess what they’re doing.
  11. Yxes1122

    Okay - seriously. WTF is the global plan here.

    I think there are clear elements. 1) Move to a 3-4 defense capable of more man coverage. 2) Preserve 2023 Cap Space 3) Maintain certain leader voices (Diggs, Dissly) And I think that is the best you can do in this situation. Now it's about keeping tabs on certain Free Agents like Geno, Shell...
  12. Yxes1122

    If Thibodeaux is there at 9 do you take him?

    A lot of what I’ve seen have been “He doesn’t love football.” Or “He likes videogames.” The same concerns were said about Myles Garrett. I’d sprint to the podium. And I like guys like Ebiketie, Walker, and Johnson a lot. But I think KT is the best EDGE in this class.
  13. Yxes1122

    Desmond Ridder

    It’s hard to judge Strong because of his knee injury. He’s discussed how it affected his mechanics and how Jordan Palmer is helping him focus on engaging his whole body on throws which would generate more velocity and help with his shaky accuracy. Every throw he made last season is almost pure...
  14. Yxes1122

    Matt Corral observations/scouting

    Corral’s deep shot decision making is another issue. He doesn’t adjust to the post snap coverage if he has already made up his mind pre snap.
  15. Yxes1122

    Desmond Ridder

    For me it comes down to whether he can get that River/Ryan/Brady elite pocket presence. And I think he’s already close. But, in a weird way, I think he maximizes the players on our roster. He loved TEs at Nevada (Fant) and loved the deep ball (Lockett/Metcalf). I just worry about him behind a...
  16. Yxes1122

    Desmond Ridder

    This is closer to how I feel about him as a prospect as well. Major questions about accuracy and arm strength. If I had to take a QB in this draft, I'd take Carson Strong in the 3rd. I think he's undervalued based on mobility but ran the offense from the LoS while at Nevada, played last year...
  17. Yxes1122

    Desmond Ridder

    I’m becoming pretty convinced that Ridder is the QB (if any) that Seattle has identified as a target in this draft. Ridder is mobile, all he did was win at Cincy, he has 10”+ hands, and Seattle was openly absent from his Pro Day. We have to remember that when Wilson was their target, they met at...
  18. Yxes1122

    Who are the stars now?

    Not flashy but I love Jordyn Brooks. I think he got an all pro vote last year playing in Bobby’s shadow. And Adams, for better or worse, is a star. One of the few players that is a league wide name.
  19. Yxes1122

    Drew Lock vs Geno Smith

    The camp battle we’ve all been waiting for… Honestly, I would rather do that than trade a pick for Baker. Draft a QB like Carson Strong in the late 2nd or at 72 and roll the dice.
  20. Yxes1122

    Jordan Davis DT

    Agreed. They need a Vince Wilfork to make this all work. And (to quote a tweet I saw recently) Davis is Wilfork in the body of a grizzly bear. But as pointed out on the recent Cigar Thoughts Podcast, I think Seattle is going to grade Jermaine Johnson extremely high because he rushes off the...