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  1. oldhawkfan

    Pro Bowl Games

    The Pro Bowl years ago wasn’t too awfully bad. It at least had some semblance of football. The last few years have been atrocious. This flag football thing is an improvement over the non blocking, non tackling, non hitting crap that it evolved into the last few years. I’d watch it again. The...
  2. oldhawkfan


    Even though the 2022 season isn’t officially over it is for the Seahawks. The 2022 season was probably my most favorite other than winning XLVIII. going into the season with little to no expectations was relaxing for the most part. Every win was just a bonus. We as fans got to experience a bonus...
  3. oldhawkfan

    The Tip

    It would be fun to come up with one for every decade of Seahawks football that actually gave a glimpse into that iteration of Seahawks football. The 70’s could be left out because they only played 4 years of that decade. The 80’s could be a Dave Krieg statue with one of his many hands too small...
  4. oldhawkfan

    Coaches keep turning the Denver job down

    Russ is thinking “dude, do you even know who I am?” Peyton is thinking, “ you aren’t who you think you are.”
  5. oldhawkfan

    Brady retires again

  6. oldhawkfan

    Payton to coach Denver

    This years draft closes out the trade.
  7. oldhawkfan

    Payton to coach Denver

    Is Payton going to let #3 keep his own personal office? Along with his entourage of suck ups?
  8. oldhawkfan

    Go Eagles (NFCCG 2022 season)

    49ers are punk ass bitches.
  9. oldhawkfan

    Geno will be back in 2023 (Ian Rapoport)

    Except that it wouldn’t be anything like a $5 mil/year pay cut. Geno made $7mil this year with incentives. A $5 million/year cut would put him at $2million/ year. More like, does he want a raise of $20 million a year or $25million?! To better put it into terms the rest of us normal folks could...
  10. oldhawkfan

    Cornerback need?

    Currently the CB position is one of the deepest positions on the team. Woolen is a bona fide starter. Tre Brown and Coby Bryant by most assessments are good corners, albeit young but their upside is promising. The CBs currently on the roster are the best we have seen top to bottom since the days...
  11. oldhawkfan

    What would your general yearly draft stratagy be?

    How do you know they are starter material or not until they get into the system and start working with your guys? There have been hundreds of picks throughout the years that teams chose to be starters and they flamed out. Aaron Curry Owen Gill Dan McGwire Rick Mirer Need more examples?
  12. oldhawkfan

    Poll: If Russ retired today does he make the HOF?

    Depending on what happens with this next draft and if there are any Super Bowl wins in the next few years based on the haul from his trade, he might be the most valuable Seahawk ever. I could easily see them parlaying one of the two remaining picks into additional draft capital. It would be the...
  13. oldhawkfan

    Creed Humphrey/Dee Eskridge

    Well, hindsight is 2020. I guess thats why a lot of people talk out of their asses.
  14. oldhawkfan

    Creed Humphrey/Dee Eskridge

    Ever since the 2021 draft, this pick debacle shows up in threads here and there. I was cleaning some stuff out the other day and ran across a ‘21 predraft magazine. Granted, these magazines are not always the best source for NFL prospective talent but they do provide a pretty good sense of of...
  15. oldhawkfan

    Stroud wants to be a Seahawk

    Doesn’t everyone want to be a Seahawk?!
  16. oldhawkfan

    Hit/Miss on QBs by round 2000-2010

    Wow. Thanks for doing that work. First round QBs still account for almost 60% failure rate. I would have guessed closer to 50%. There are no guarantees.
  17. oldhawkfan

    Being in the same div as the Niners will...

    The OP is not wrong but the real equalizer is the salary cap. The Rams will have to make some big decisions before too long and the 49ers might not be too far behind with that stacked roster.
  18. oldhawkfan

    Signed Largent rookie card draft contest

    My guess is that the winner of that card will be Spohawks. I’m sure many people will get the first pick correct. The second one will be harder to predict. Since this contest is open until right before they pick, I’m waiting until then. Way too many variables to make those decisions now. Most...