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  1. Cyrus12

    Seattle Dragons gear

    The previous colors were fine...Creamsicle orange no thanks
  2. Cyrus12

    Caption This

    Sure wish I could of stayed..the Rams suck and I've seen Barton play...yikes...
  3. Cyrus12

    Confident Cody Barton Emerging as Starter

    I disagree. He just hasn't made any substantial improvements in his play. He's just limited on what he can do. He will carve out a career but not ever as a starter. I hope they draft his replacement.
  4. Cyrus12

    Wayne Gallman

    Darwin Thompson and Godwin Igweibuke. I think I'd rather Gallman.
  5. Cyrus12

    Seattle Dragons gear

    Let's swim.....
  6. Cyrus12

    Wayne Gallman

    Both Dallas and Walker absent from practice. Thoughts on this signing? Just glad it wasn't Turbin or Collins...Gallman should play if both are out i think?
  7. Cyrus12

    Confident Cody Barton Emerging as Starter

    Barf...he is a back up..period..
  8. Cyrus12

    Battle for the Number 2 Pick

    Bears qb can win games with his legs...Denver qb..well maybe if they slowed the matrix down 3/4 speed. Denver is a team that has imploded lets hope it results in the 2 pick.
  9. Cyrus12

    Hawks sign RB to PS

    Collins is terrible
  10. Cyrus12

    Panthers cut "Better than Geno" Baker Mayfield (Rams claim)

    Baker would of been the answer here...with Geno the ceiling was 4 wins.
  11. Cyrus12

    The Hawks are back in the playoffs!!

    I've just been looking at one game at a time. I did think if it were a loss yesterday the playoffs were done. Not sure whats going to happen but its been a fun watch this year. Many had this team 4 wins or under. Will need Walker to get healthy fast imo to keep it going. As for the def...
  12. Cyrus12

    Got locked out on Broncos Forum. A MUST read thread.

    He hasn't been on there since nov 24..likely locked up in arkham asylum...
  13. Cyrus12

    Happy Draft Pick Improvement Day

    Dangerwich might have reinvent himself in the usfl or xfl...he is not an nfl caliber qb.
  14. Cyrus12

    Jimmy G done for season

    Jimmy G lost millions s today on a contract. Likely will have to sign a 1 year deal somewhere.
  15. Cyrus12

    If You Were Schneider And The Broncos Called About Wilson...

    Not worth a 7th rd. Wilson is flat out the worst qb in the nfl.
  16. Cyrus12

    Happy Draft Pick Improvement Day

    Brock Purdy > Dangerwich
  17. Cyrus12

    Sexual Predator QB playing bad

    Is Big Ben back?
  18. Cyrus12

    Sign a RB?

    If Walker is done who is out there?? Please do not say Alex Collins.. Robert Turbin..or Lynch...
  19. Cyrus12

    If We Lose To THESE Rams?!?

    Its a must win vs a team that is a shell of its former self. A loss and its done for any playoff chance imo.