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  1. QuahHawk

    USA Soccer! We advanced

    Big win for USA, this young team has some talent and lots of speed. Going to be a tough game vs Netherlands.
  2. QuahHawk

    Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (@ Bucs in Germany)

    Glad to be wrong last week. This week the stadium in Germany may feel a bit like a home game. We are rolling and F Brady Hawks 26-13 YTD 6-3
  3. QuahHawk

    Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (@ Cardinals)

    I am having a hard time with this one. The Hawks are rolling, sometimes it's hard to not get a little overconfident and just maybe look past an opponent. With a big trip to Germany and a match up vs Brady coming up and seemingly easy wins the last 3 games. I hope we don't let this be a trap...
  4. QuahHawk

    Way to Early...If the Season Ends Today

    9ers will beat Min we'd beat NYG again probably Dallas over ATL 9ers at Philly Dallas at Seattle I think we take Dallas if our OL and K9 is still healthy 9ers at Philly is a tough game. I mean we have a legit shot at hosting an NFCCG...with Geno at QB...Woot!
  5. QuahHawk

    The mother of all "I was wrong" thread.

    I can admit after the 1st Preseason Game I was sure Geno would start only to concede to Lock around the 5th or 6th game after we were pretty much out of contention. Geno I was wrong about you. I am sorry. I still want to see some 4th Quarter come from behind magic but otherwise you are the QB we...
  6. QuahHawk

    Denver trades Chubb to Miami

    Only going to make their record worse this year!
  7. QuahHawk

    Broncos GM bummed about team's offense

    I think Denver could easily win the next 4 then lose the last 6 as their schedule gets pretty tough This is brutal KC x 2 LAR LAC Balt AZ
  8. QuahHawk

    Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (vs Giants)

    Feeling really good about this team and this match up except for the bad weather. Geno lost to the Saints last year in bad weather and they ran all over us. I think we hold them off and this is a bit sloppy. 19- 13 Hawks YTD 5-2
  9. QuahHawk

    Bradley Chubb will be traded if Denver losses to the Jaguars

    Someone will give up a 2nd for him and have to pay him over value
  10. QuahHawk

    How can any .netter...

    Game 1 made the season, the rest is gravy. Best season since 2014 I can remember.
  11. QuahHawk

    With the trade deadline looming

    I'd love to see Shaq Thompson in a Hawks Uni. Sidney Jones, Barton and a 3rd
  12. QuahHawk

    Hawks Fav's Over Giants

    I'm not buying that the Giants are a contender. We are at home, they lost their RT, LG, and TE this week. Honestly think if we can bottle up Barkley this could turn into a lopsided game.
  13. QuahHawk

    Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (@ Chargers)

    Tough call on this one. If Herbert is still injured I think we can walk out with a close win. If he's healthy I think we struggle to keep pace. Our defense is going to have to tackle well. Brooks could get 20 tackles this week. I hate to pick against us for a non division game so I won't...
  14. QuahHawk

    When does Peter's contract end and would you extend him

    Pete will stay as long as he wants. He will slowly hand over more control but keep "the program" intact. He is one of the all time greats. The Geno vs Russ situation only magnifies his success. Pete > Russ Brady > Billicheat
  15. QuahHawk

    Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (vs Cardinals)

    Riding with Geno over Kyler. D has to get better right? Hawks win 34-33 3-2 YTD
  16. QuahHawk

    Refs Ruined the Game

    The women ref made that call and I'm sure she is not going to have any part of the good Ole boys system. She wants to get all her calls correctly.
  17. QuahHawk


    K9 time
  18. QuahHawk

    Barton needs a new position

    We need an attacking ILB who can blow up blockers not try to avoid them.
  19. QuahHawk

    Keep Pete or Russ?

    Waldron seems to run a decent offense with a QB who follows his direction. Lol
  20. QuahHawk

    Keep Pete or Russ?

    Nailed it!