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    Will Myers break the record?

    Sitting at 37 stright field goals made and the record is 43...he only needs 7 more to own the record. Does he pull it off or nah? I think he does. Pete can pretty much make this happen if he isn't sending Jason out there for 55+ yarders.
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    Adopt - A - Free Agent

    Yes, there are plenty of Free Agents still to be signed...but when your boy is inked, drop his name down. Last time I adopted a rookie, it was Russell Wilson...I can project players all ALL DAY son! My free agent is Kerry Hyder!! He will do 2 things very well...1) Put up crazy stats for a DT...
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    Any Adrian Peterson takers?

    He wants to play until he is 40, currently 35. With the currently signed Seahawk RBs equaling a rating of Blah...why not? He would be crazy cheap, could coach up the young guys and still contribute! 4 yards a carry, 600+ yards and 7 TDs last year.
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    Will the Wilson trade be the biggest trade in NFL history?

    What will it take to be the biggest trade in NFL history? The Goff trade was HUGE! 2 1st and a 2nd + a starting QB. Ricky Williams pulled 6 draft picks from the Saints. Herschel Walker... 5 players and 6 draft picks. Value wise, what is it going to take to be a chart topper in NFL trade history?
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    What is the .Net version of the Philadelphia Eagles?

    Need a little help for a project. I am Willing to take your top 10 as well. I have a cousin who loves the Eagles and I want to get him the rookie cards of the top 10 Eagles of all time. I am figuring they can answer the top 10 of all time better then anyone else. I did google a fan forum but...
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    With no trades or changes, how far do the Hawks go in 2021

    Russ, Wags, Pete and everyone stays. The Hawks draft for need and maybe 1 or 2 nice signings happen. Lets get crazy and somehow Gordon gets back on the field and everyone is healthy...How deep do they go? Super Bowl Baby!
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    I am SOLD that there will be a 3 way trade for Russ!

    Russ ultimately gets to pick where he is going...and he wants Dallas. Dallas doesn't have the Draft firepower to pull off the Trade but they can trade for it. Russ was forced to mention the Saints, Bears and Raiders to garner up a bidding war. He will be in Dallas next year! Some way, some...
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    JS says minimum for Russ is (3) 1st round draft picks.

    The professor was on the radio claiming JS said "Discussions don't start unless 3 1st are on the table". Also 1/3 of the NFL teams have called for Russ. However The Prof said Russ is going no where. Something about dead money. The way teams give away 1st these never know.
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    What is the value in the last second snap?

    I have heard a ton of negitive about waiting for the last second to snap the ball, so I get that side. But what is the reasons to wait? I could understand reading the D, but most if the time, Russ is getting under center with 2 seconds to go.
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    Is it time to upgrade the 2nd string QB position?

    Russ is a mac truck/snapon tool...he just never stops working. However if for some odd reason he gets an early season injury that puts him out for the year...are you comfortable with Geno Smith running the show into the playoffs? Me neither. Too many needs to spend a high draft pick on a QB and...
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    Should the defense switch to a 3 man front?

    With the defense flirting with breaking the record for the worst defense in NFL history this year...clearly a change wouldn't hurt. Would it work with the players we have? Who would the 3 be? I think they would have to draft some studs that are built for the scheme.
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    If it will be, how will the Super Bowl be rigged?

    I have no clue if the Super Bowl will be rigged or not. However some say Vegas plays a role and advertisers want people on their toes. So, will it be a last second touchdown, 2 inches short of the goal line ending, bad call from the refs or some other "unbelievable moment"? You make the call!
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    What would you take for DK in a trade?

    Everyone loves him, every team needs him! We are sick stacked at WR but we have like 4 draft choices and more holes on the team than momma's strainer! He has history of injuries but there is no player more hyped than him in the NFL...the Hawks could make a killing! I don't want to trade...
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    Who was the most over payed/under payed Hawk of 2020?

    Over payed = Hollister 3.2 million Under payed = Adams 825K.
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    Hawks sign 11 players

    Cody Thompson WR- Resigned Hawk - Former Undrafted KC Chiefs - 1 year 780K Alex McGough QB -Resigned Hawk 7th round 2018 pick - 1 year 780K Tyler Mabry TE -Resigned Hawk - Undrafted in 2020 -1 year 660K Brad Lundblade C - Resigned Hawk - Undrafted 2018 - 1 year 780K Cedrick Lattimore DT -...
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    Hawks pick up CB Jordan Miller from the Falcons

    2019 5th rounder, 5 tackles and a fumble recovery this year. He is being moved straight to the practice squad. JAN 6 2021 Jordan Miller, CB Signed to the practice squad by Seattle (SEA)
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    With the 56th pick Seahawks select

    Samuel Cosmi, OT, Texas I think he can fall to 55. He gets the job done but appears super stiff. I could see the hawks drafting any position but LB,QB, kicker, punter, WR and Saftey...So thats my guess, who do you got?