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  1. nwHawk

    Need a turnover

    Start punching the ball!!!
  2. nwHawk

    Pass rush

    Maybe our guys can watch the film and learn how to dial up some pressure and a pass rush!
  3. nwHawk

    Delay for replay

    certainly helps the defense. Totally #<>%}{ Might not be a catch. Crap!
  4. nwHawk

    Geno time - we wanted to see it

    Now we get to live it. Rooting for you kid. Go earn that next paycheck.
  5. nwHawk

    3rd WR

    This will sound crazy, but does this season’s win total depend on finding a consistent #3 wide receiver? Don’t get me wrong, this offense is loaded and has plenty of targets, but to keep teams from loading up to stop DK and Tyler Hawks need Goodwin or someone to emerge as a threat.
  6. nwHawk

    Punt = loss

    Why didn’t we go for it on 4th down. This defense couldn’t stop a fart. If you want to win, you go for it. This is not the 2013 or 2014 defenses. Go get the game.
  7. nwHawk

    Never give up

    EVER!!! What a run by K9. Great cutback, love the audible by Geno. LETS Goooooo! Woohoo.
  8. nwHawk

    Second half adjustments

    Offense needs jet sweep motion and a couple screens. Right now Saints are more physical and stepping up. Hawks need to bunch back and get smart.
  9. nwHawk

    DT needs to ride the pine

    Not impressed this season.
  10. nwHawk

    Penny’s burst

    I think Penny deserves a bit of appreciation. He seemed to run inspired today. He started a bit slow, but he looked confident. Similar to the way he closed last year. That’s good news for this team.
  11. nwHawk

    Pete challenges

    He gets his moneys worth on length of time for a time outs. Seems like this is the type of challenge to delay the game and disrupt the momentum more than really winning the challenge. Thoughts? He does this.
  12. nwHawk

    Geno ballin

    Great call for the TD.
  13. nwHawk

    Phuc- two plays changed everything

    Lockett fumbled and big play. Damn it. Defense had a stop and now momentum has gone. Damn it.
  14. nwHawk

    Excellent opening drive

    Creative, open, fresh and moved the ball very well. Geno almost hit a bomb too. But damn, that offensive line got BLOWN up on run blocks. Definitely going to have to get creative to run the ball.
  15. nwHawk

    Nice audible

    Great. All by Geno, but damn missed the deep ball to Lockett.
  16. nwHawk

    1st play

    Like the call, second play wasn’t blocked very well.
  17. nwHawk

    More Homer

    Young offensive line needs help. Why doesn’t Home get more playing time? Just good blocker, average runner, etc… seems like a no brained?
  18. nwHawk

    QB keeper? Huh?

    Not sure what that was. Busted play? Confusing why they would call that give we need several scores!
  19. nwHawk

    More Touchdowns by

    Who do you think has more touchdowns in this first game against the Donkeys??
  20. nwHawk

    SB49 audible by Russ??? Explains a lot.

    I never heard or read anything about Russell Wilson audibling from a Marshawn Lynch run to the fateful pass failure in the Bowl against the Patriots. I always wondered, but there is no doubt now. That also explains so much about him paying to fly the whole team and their families to Hawaii to...