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  1. nwHawk

    Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (@ Rams)

    My heart says Hawks in a blowout. Carroll watched this team go from the driver’s seat for the division to probably not making the playoffs. There is still a chance but it requires fixing the leaky defense. Mistakes hurt. Offensive line has it a wall, defensive line is manned by scrubs. WR...
  2. nwHawk

    Retros Returning!

    Maybe they waited thinking we would have a pass rush next year.
  3. nwHawk

    OT coin toss alternative

    Takes me back to the season the Seahawks had such a brute team that when a team played Seattle they lost the following week. That team could have won even if crescent wrenches were being thrown at them!
  4. nwHawk

    OT coin toss alternative

    Now that would be funny! Serious concussion concerns!
  5. nwHawk

    Offense falling back into some old habits.

    Seemed like they simplified the OL blocking for this game. Would like to approach every game like it’s a playoff game rather than holding back things for division opponents.
  6. nwHawk

    No D again

    You can scheme up to hide some but. not all of the weaknesses. There’s no shame in it, but this team has player needs. All of the issues can’t be solved in one year. 2022 = DBs. Hopefully in 2023 the DT and MLB spots are upgraded. There are better seasons coming, we just have to be patient.
  7. nwHawk

    Fire Hurtt or Carroll

    Defensive Tackle has been an issue for quite awhile. This team needs an elite player to disrupt the game.
  8. nwHawk

    Welcome to 2nd place...

    Missing the playoffs is a big possibility.
  9. nwHawk

    No D again

    Spot on.
  10. nwHawk

    Bright side.

    #3, I think. Rams are not doing us any favors. Really needed the Bears to win a couple of games.
  11. nwHawk

    Welcome to 2nd place...

    But we were already in 2nd place due to losing to SF.
  12. nwHawk

    Seattle run stopping abysmal

    Well, if we don’t make the playoffs then this game certainly could help that Broncos pick.
  13. nwHawk

    Brad Allen

    Or, they could show up and play! Hawks need to look themselves in the mirror.
  14. nwHawk

    Embarrassing defense

    DT and MLB
  15. nwHawk

    Our right tackle is getting absolutely handled

    How they didn’t call a designed quick pass in behind Crosby is beyond me.
  16. nwHawk

    All we need is a FG

    And yet, everyone knew they would pressure Geno except Geno
  17. nwHawk

    Come on Geno

    Wide right
  18. nwHawk

    Need a turnover

    Start punching the ball!!!
  19. nwHawk

    OT coin toss alternative

    These are pros put the ball at the 50, college style and make it happen.
  20. nwHawk


    Well, that did go good.