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    Iowa State Will McDonald is the Seahawks best 2023 draft prospect to be an All-Pro on defense!

    Iowa State 3-4 DE Will McDonald (6'4" 245lbs) has maybe the highest upside as a 3-4 OLB in the draft. IMO McDonald is the Seahawks best defensive pass rushing OLB target for the 2023. McDonald doesn't have amazing stats, but that's because he is being played as a DE on a 3-4 defense when he is...
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    11/04/22 Seahawks mock draft

    Here is my draft for this week.... yes we need a pass rush and legit WR. 1st round #10 - Texas Tech (OLB/DE) Tyree Wilson, 6'6" 275 lbs.: Wilson is a bit underweight as a 3-4 defensive end. But his length and strength are elite for a 3-4 OLB. He has good athleticism for his size. For me he...
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    Before game 6 Seahawks mock draft

    Geno keeps looking like a top-10 QB in the NFL. Geno is 32 and Coach Carrol is 71, keeping Geno (if he continues balling out) gets us to a playoff window sooner than a 2023 QB would. So, I project signing him to a long-term contract after the season. With that in mind, here is...
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    Before game 5 Seahawks 2023 mock draft

    If Geno keeps winning, he will get us enough wins to keep us out of the top-5 picks in the 1st round. We have the draft capital to trade up, but the teams drafting in the top-5 are more than likely QB needy teams. Here is my Seahawks 2023 mock draft going into week 5 of...
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    Seahawks mock draft before week 2

    Here is my Seahawks mock for this week. In this mock I have the top-3 ranked QBs being drafted before the Seahawks pick at #5. 1st round #5 - Georgia (DT/DE) Jalen Carter 6'3" 310 lbs.: Seahawks get the top rated interior defensive lineman in the draft. Carter would be a DE on our 3-4...
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    Seahawks mock draft 2023

    This draft is based on what I currently think are team needs before the 1st regular season game. 1st round #5 - Miami (QB) Tyler Van Dyke 6'4" 225 lbs.: There are a lot of legit QB's in this draft, for me TVD is my favorite for the Seahawks. 1st round #24 - Florida State (OLB/DE) Jared...