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    Jordyn Brooks...Pro Bowler??

    Normally I am not a "stats mean everything" type of guy but I think for a LB stats do matter. Sure, a few extra INTs and sacks would be nice but what do you really want from your LB? The answer is when the business comes to him, he takes care of business. So IMO, I think the number of tackles...
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    Rebuilding Year

    Half of the reason why this last draft was a homerun was because of the huge holes that needed filled. The Hawks would have Travis Homer as the starting RB and absolutely nobody as starting DBs. The upside for next draft is we still have many holes to fill...which will automatically make...
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    Quick draft questions for the experts.

    Draft expert here. The Seahawks are locked and loaded with picks this year, there is no reason to trade down for more picks. They stay at whatever spot and pick the best player available. If the FO is 100% sold there is a 12 year starter/all pro QB available with that first pick, they won't...
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    Anyone interested in becoming a Mod here on the .NET?

    This is the coolest site online. If I had any tech savvy, I would buy it but I have trouble loading a pic :-) Its worth billions to its members!
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    Anyone interested in becoming a Mod here on the .NET?

    $1.01, thats the best I can do -Pawn stars
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    Anyone interested in becoming a Mod here on the .NET?

    What is the price tag/value of .net?
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    How to resurrect Wilson's career?

    Honestly I like the idea of him taking a pay cut and recruit some worked for John Elway. It would get better players around him and help his image.
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    Anyone interested in becoming a Mod here on the .NET?

    Yeah, I will be a mod, I will even be a fair mod. Can we get a list of the left leaning memebers...I will clean this ship real quick :cool:
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    There’s at least one qb handling his socials worse than russ

    If you don't like what he said, don't read it. If you are dumb enough to read something you don't like...don't cry about it online. "Guys you wouldn't believe what happened to me, I was offended and I just kept going back to be offended more"
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    Let's Get This One Thing Straight…

    Just a fun side are right, you will never convince someone who has their mind made up. But you do have an outside shot of them changing their mind by asking them a question. It's only possible if you are asking the question in a way that makes it look like you really don't know the...
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    Seattle SuperSonics

    So funny! Aaaand probably true! This place is crazy :-)
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    Most underrated song of all time?

    What is your #1 "Maybe the best song ever but just didn't get the love it should have"?
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    Fade has been right all along!

    I just might be Johnny Schneider, watch it cowboy.
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    Fade has been right all along!

    What a year its been! Horrible expectations to garenteed playoffs back down to we aint going no where so we might as well tank...WOW! BUTS NOT OVER...NOT EVEN CLOSE! Why the rollercoaster? Has it been the rookies starting, old and saggy D-line, Sucky Smith at QB or coaching? Its not the...
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    Let's Get This One Thing Straight…

    I did notice Welshers saying a few things. Hero? That might be pushing it but we are all glad Fade is back. Like 787, I think this is a marathon thread of words and I can't make it all 26 miles either. However I agree the 3-4 needs to go, at least with this group we have.
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    How'd they get away with this??

    It was legal...Everybody knows the Seahawks get a 12th man.
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    Rookie wall?

    Rookie wall? Very possible. The rest of the league figuring out how to play these rookies...even more possible. I think they should start blitzing Woolen like they did Adams, he is faster and man that would be fun to watch!
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    Fire Hurtt or Carroll

    Hurtt and the 3-4 needs kicked out ASAP.
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    That's gonna leave a mark!

    When a 40 year relationship goes south, a man has a right to vent. Why do you guys watch TV shows or know they are not real? Same with football, yeah the NFL is not real, but its entertainment.
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    Brad Allen

    If the NFL was classified as a sport, then yes, some form of consequence would be fair. However in the 1920s the NFL switched from a sport to being classified as entertainment. When we are watching the NFL, we are watching a play...and they tell us that at the start of every game. We are...