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    Is this the worst non-playoff loss of the Pete Carroll era?

    We've had some tough losses, but I honestly cannot remember the last time this team looked so thoroughly unprepared against a bad team.
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    Clowney’s statline...

    12 QB pressures, eight hurries, five QB hits, a sack, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and a touchdown off another strip-sack. Saw this in my alerts from
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    Russell's QB Rating for the season 126.25

    That's good for 1st in the NFL.
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    Stephen Gostkowski is a free agent.

    I wouldn’t be mad if we gave him a monster contract.
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    Are the Seahawks one of the 3 best teams in the NFC?

    We've played the 3rd toughest schedule. We didn't find our identity on offense until week 3. We played the 10-1 Rams to pretty much a stalemate. We're 11th in scoring offense, 8th in scoring defense, 5th in takeaways on defense, 1st in rushing yards per game, 5th in time of possession...
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    Atlanta is a product of a down year... The better team won.

    As much as I hate everything about New England, and the amount of support, love, and admiration, I have for Atlanta and Dan Quinn specifically... It's hard for me to say this, but Atlanta is just not that good and it sucks. Atlanta had no business losing this game, everything went their way...
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    Jabrill Peppers, what am I missing?

    Why is this kid not a top 10 pick? Admittedly, I'm still early in my armchair scouting season, but Peppers looks like a faster slightly less refined Darren Woodson. I've seen a lot of Budda Baker and Malik Hooker and would much rather have Peppers. What am I missing here?
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    Resigning Lane and Kearse was probably a mistake.

    It's hard to argue against the naysayers who were saying this all offseason... Kearse is probably worth the contract he received but he's the 4th best receiver on this team and was mediocre at best this year. Lane hasn't been the same since the Superbowl. He's shown flashes of what he used to...
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    Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick and Superbowl 50

    I've been watching a lot of All-22 in attempt to get hyped for the Super Bowl (it's not working) and I've started to notice a lot of similarities between Cam Newton and 2013 Colin Kaepernick. In 2013 Jim Harbaugh did a phenomenal job of building a system and scheme that protected Kaepernicks...
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    Carolina's MVP was the field today.

    The teams looked pretty even, Seattle just wasn't prepared for a terrible surface early. It showed on Stewart's big run when Earl fell down and it showed on Russell's INT.
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    Perspective. The 2015 Seahawks remind me of the '88 49ers.

    One of the single most devastating moments as a young sports fan was going to the '87 divisional round game in Candlestick against the Vikings. As a 10 year old I really didn't remember much from the '84 Superbowl and this was the first time I'd ever felt truly obsessed and apart of a team. I...
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    Deion Sanders mocking Doug Baldwin.

    Did anyone see this? He's been taunting DB for the better part of 2 hours on NFL network. Saying he can't wait to see Revis and Browner lock down the Seahawks wide outs, because they're just "alright". What a clown. I didn't see this discussed anywhere.
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    How bad is the AFC?

    During the playoffs, I was struck by how bad AFC teams seemed compared to NFC teams. The games just seemed worse, it was like watching the MW for the first time after watching nothing but SEC games, I'm left wondering why the tackling is so bad and why everyone is so slow. Seriously, outside of...
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    Reign heading to NWSL Final.

    Amazing game tonight. Hope Solo was a beast. Rapinoe started slow finished strong.... what an awesome time to be a Seattle sports fan.
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    Enjoy that cupcake next week San Fran.

    Good luck in the Super Bowl.
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    Why is Andrew Luck the favorite to win ROY?

    Can someone please explain this to me? He took over a team hamstrung by injury in 2011. It wasn't just Peyton Manning, they had 13 other players go on IR last year. Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark and Anthony Gonzalez were hobbled by injuries, which on top of a 1st place schedule made a very...
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    Thursday Night, has huge division connotations.

    Chance to knock the 49ers to 4-3 and go 5-2 huge huge game.