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  1. Mistashoesta

    Caption this

    "Good win... Goodwin!" 😉
  2. Mistashoesta

    Killer Bees 🐝 (Barton and Brooks)

    These two are going to be a hell of a tandem going forward. I was a little skeptical when we released KJ and then Bobby the following year, but boy did they look impressive in their opening debut as a duo.
  3. Mistashoesta

    Week 2 - The San Francisco 49ers

    Last night's game was amazing. The cup of joe this morning tastes better than ever. But it is a short week, and up next is The San Francisco 49ers. Beating Russ and Co. was all most of us wanted. But beating the 49ers will always have a special place in my heart. A few bits from what their...
  4. Mistashoesta

    Shelby Harris

    Great interview from the former Denver Bronco.
  5. Mistashoesta

    Jamal Adams?

    Anyone got an update on our million dollar man?
  6. Mistashoesta

    Official eat crow thread

    There was a few of you. You know who you are. "They wrote me off... but I didn't write back!" - Geno Smith
  7. Mistashoesta

    Former Hawks visit practice

    Seems like a lot of the old boys are starting to come around for visits quite often. Is it a coincidence that it's after "he who shall not be named" is no longer apart of the team?
  8. Mistashoesta

    Blue Thunders "Enemy Fan Forum" and Aros' "Prediction Thread"

    Where's it at!? We need to kick this week off and get the [email protected]#% talking going. I'm sure there will be plenty of visitors to .Net here this week to let us know how bad we dropped the ball trading away Mr. Unlimited.
  9. Mistashoesta

    The "experts" make their picks for Seahawks vs Broncos

    Anyone surprised? Gonna make it that much more sweeter when they send Russ n Co. packing with their tails between their legs after the beat down they recieve from an underdog Seahwks team. A guy can dream right? 🤣😳😫
  10. Mistashoesta

    Pro Football Focus ranks Seattle's Oline

    As the worst in the league going into the season. But after Saturdays preseason game against the Steelers? Sure it's only preseason, but isn't that what preseason is for? To get a feel for where your players as individuals and position groups stand before going into the season? Wouldn't...
  11. Mistashoesta


    Mods please lock. Already being discussed. Go here instead...
  12. Mistashoesta

    Drew Lock

    Here we go. I'm weirdly excited to see what he can do. Maybe it's because we already know what Geno can do.
  13. Mistashoesta

    Abe Lucas

    Nice pancake block
  14. Mistashoesta

    Malik Willis' debut

    What did you think of his performance in their preseason opener?
  15. Mistashoesta

    Bake Mayfield already making an "impression" in Carolina

    And it doesn't seem to be a good one...
  16. Mistashoesta

    Seahawk OTA tid bits

    Feel free to post info as the week goes along. I'll start with this..
  17. Mistashoesta

    .Net temperature on Jamal Adams?