Players Officially Out Tonight per Bob Condotta

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  • Exactly as I suspected...
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  • I'm kinda surprised Bennett is playing, to be honest. I thought he was a bit banged up.
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  • What's the latest on Turbin?

    Yesterday, I viewed as many highlight reels as I could of both Turbin and Michael. Michael does in deed resemble Emmitt Smith to me. After watching him and Turbin's college highlights, I decided Michael should be our #2. Then, I decided to watch Turbin's rookie season with us. In my mind...he looked significantly better as a Hawk than he did in college. I am hopeful he has improved at the same rate this off-season. If he did, Michael is in for a battle despite his quickness (and lofty draft status). I'd hate to lose either one of them, this I know.
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  • No surprises there. Was hoping Simon would be better by now so we could see him in action, but I guess we'll have to settle for some of the other rookies.
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  • I have a gut feeling Simon will be put on IR. They can't afford to sneak him in the practice squad. Some team will pick him up
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  • was hoping to see Fells in action
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