Here's something you dont see everyday: Badminton fight!

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  • The guy in yellow actually showed some pretty good athleticism running away.

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  • What is the world coming too!

    In all seriousness the guy getting the beat down never let go of his racket, that's dedication to the sport right there! :)

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  • eventually these guys get tired of dealing with shuttlecocks
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  • Theres lots of testosterone in badminton? bahaha
    you want a lil woo woooooooooooo
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  • bubbrubb wrote:Theres lots of testosterone in badminton? bahaha

    And egos apparently!
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  • I love the dude who was doing the chasing is the one who got hurt and needed stitches. Badminton racket to the ear! lol
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  • The dude in orange kicked that dude in the face pretty good. You never curl up in a ball fight back.
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  • The Canadian accents are almost never here accents that thick in real life yet nearly all of them sounded like the McKenzie brothers.
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  • This is why you should always wear a 'cup' and a mouthpiece when playing badminton. Tuff game.
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