Gauge of Interest for a Fantasy League

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Gauge of Interest for a Fantasy League
Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:17 pm
  • Ok, here's the deal. Had a yahoo fantasy league last year that came together at the last minute. It was eight teams, 100 dollar buy in. There were two branches, Seattle and Manhattan. The Manhattan branch has been pushing the entire team to increase the buy in dramatically. The Seattle branch(less well funded, got some guys in social services) keep fighting to keep the buyin down. I increase the buy in by 50 bucks, to $150 and throw in an escalator of $50 a year. One of the guys from Manhattan decides to try and poach guys from this league to start his own league with a $1,000 buy in and I haven't heard anything from these guys since.

    So, a couple questions. Ethically, how long do I give the Manhattan guys to join the league before rescinding the invite and recruiting others.
    In that same vein, I've got 3, probably 4 people confirmed for the league, which I'd like to get up to 16 teams. Is there anyone here who would want to join for $50,$100, or $150?
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Re: Gauge of Interest for a Fantasy League
Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:13 pm
  • Email the guys with your intentions before giving away their spots. Give them a clear deadline and enforce it. If they don't respond in time, they're gone.
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