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    6. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: Too high for you liking? Then take note that Wilson went from averaging 183.2 passing yards and 1.25 touchdown passes per game through the first eight contests of his career to 206.5 passing yards and 2.0 touchdowns per game over the final eight matchups of 2012. The Wisconsin product posted a QB rating of 100.0 last year (fourth in NFL) and picked up 489 rushing yards and four scores via the ground game. Throw in Percy Harvin and an offseason spent in the film room and you have a guy who is ready to take another monstrous step in his development.
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  • Higher than I expected. Seahawks are still known as a run-first team. Plus not having a 1000 yd receiver should knock a QB down a couple notches. That's a pretty nice spot for RW if u ask me. If the last couple games are any indication though, that ranking is justified.
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  • Russell Wilson won me my fantasy football championship.
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  • I sincerely hope we have five 900-yard receivers this year (4 WRs and Miller) so when we win the Super Bowl, we did it with a prolific passing game without a single 1,000-yard receiver. Breaking quadruple digits is overrated, it means your offense isn't good enough to spread the ball around and you have to focus on a guy, to a certain extent.
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  • I drafted Wilson with my final pick during my 2012 fantasy draft and let everyone else know how dumb they were for letting me wait that long to get him. My gloating was short lived when Wilson struggled in week one and didn't become a viable fantasy starter until pretty late into the season. Even when Wilson was playing well, it's hard to rack up points when you hand off as much as Seattle does.

    That said, Wilson was pretty amazing over the last few weeks even for fantasy owners. His week 15 game against Buffalo got me the most points I'd ever had from a QB in a single game (rushing for 3 TDs will do that). Over his last 7 starts (including playoffs), Wilson was rushing for almost a 900 yards per 16 games pace. He was racking up TDs too, and his yards were decent and consistent. He did an amazing job avoiding picks too.

    I think Wilson is a justified top 10 fantasy QB for 2013, mainly because I think it's a pretty safe bet that Wilson will have more total TDs in 2013 than the 30 (26+4) he had last year. It's also possible that we might see the team throw the ball a higher percentage of plays this season since bubble screens to Harvin will replace run calls in a lot of situations. I also want to believe that Pete learned from the Miami game to call Wilson's number more when he's clearly having a terrific day. Which, down the stretch last season, was pretty much every time he ran out there.
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  • I'm still working on getting over last year. I was at a big weekend get-together at one point last preseason. In the shop (where there's a pool table, poker table, and TV) I watched Russell shine against Denver while I played pool. I thought about getting my laptop out and stashing the undrafted FA on my recently drafted dynasty team. He wasn't even our starter, but I had a feeling. Then, just as quickly as it showed me the future, my crystal ball went cloudy.

    Instead of taking five minutes to follow up on my instinct, I kept cavorting and playing pool. Ten minutes later, my buddy came out from the house, "I just picked up Wilson for my dynasty team!" We're in the same league. It's a good thing there's a new season and other leagues, otherwise I'd just never stop face-palming myself for that gaffe. (I still finished 3rd in the league, though, with Cam Newton.)

    So far this year, RW is gone by the end of the 4th round in most mocks. The secret is out.
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  • HawkAroundTheClock wrote:So far this year, RW is gone by the end of the 4th round in most mocks. The secret is out.

    That is just not accurate. ... =12&pos=qb

    Typically he is going anywhere from round 6 to 8 in 12 team leagues. Out of the 500 drafts listed in the link above the highest he went was 5.04.
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  • Everybody knows he led the league in efficiency for the last half of last year. What many people don't know is that he was either first or second in the NFL in fantasy points over the last half of last year, depending on the scoring settings of your league. And this was with the Seahawks still being a run first team.

    In my league, all TDs (even passing TDs) are worth 6. He was the #1 QB with an average of 25.875 points per game over the last 8 games.

    In standard leagues where passing TDs are worth 4 points, he was the #2 QB behind Cam Newton over the last 8 games, with an average of 21.875 ppg (Newton had 22.375).

    I'm hoping to get him in the 3rd round, just like the Seahawks did, and be called out for reaching for him, just like the Seahawks were, and end up with a steal.
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