Russell Wilson opens the NFL Draft with 50 Cent. Video.

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  • Hawk-A-Loogie wrote:Who's concert do you go to that cost 45 cents?

    50cent featuring nickleback!!

    Still too expensive to see those two.
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  • Can someone please tell me where I can find the Blue Hoodie Wilson is wearing in the pictures? The same color as in the picture. I want this but can't seem to find it anywhere online the only thing similar but different color is the Nike KO Full Zip Hoodies. A link to a site or name of the hoodie would be much appreciated.
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  • 12thMode wrote:Nice work BlueTalon!

    I agree it is nice work -- but for the record, I didn't do it. BlueTalons did it.
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  • The most marketable man in the NFL. Wiilson will be Goodell's golden boy.
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  • I want that sweatshirt. Guess I will go find it.
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