Great pre-draft interview with Jesse Williams

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  • Just spotted this, interview with an Australian radio station just before the draft.

    This is the first I have seen him speak and wow am I impressed. Certainly not a meat head. Seems switched on and somewhat humble.

    Things of note:
    -he bench presses 272.5kg
    -ignore some of the dumb things the Aussie interviewers say
    -one of the interviewers looks like Jon Ryan :P
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  • I came across this the other day and it got me excited. He is by far my favorite rookie in this years draft.
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  • That was actually an entertaining interview. And yeah, dude looks like Jon Ryan.
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  • Love me some Jesse Williams. My adopted rookie.
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  • the comment of he couldn't handle the money was bang on
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  • My adopt-a-rookie is well-spoken. Who'd have guessed? Let's hope his knees hold up better than Marcus Tubbs' did. If that happens, we'll have a Monstar in the middle.
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  • He is eloquent for a jock. I heard him on KJR first after the draft. Its a better interview with talented radio personalities familiar w football.
    This was an interesting peak into Australian sports talk radio.
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  • i love how their only knowledge of the draft seemed to be from Jerry Maguire
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  • Williams being discussed here.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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