Guess the offensive and defensive ROTY's

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Guess the offensive and defensive ROTY's
Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:08 pm
  • Offensive: Marcus Wheaton, Pittsburgh Steelers. I think he's the perfect player in the perfect spot.

    Defensive: Kenny Vaccaro, New Orleans Saints. Stud.
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  • Off: DeAndre Hopkins
    Def: Matt Elam
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  • I'm going with Tavon Austin and Jarvis Jones.

    Austin has an advantage in that I expect him to also contribute in the Lamb's return game and Jones has an advantage because Dick LeBeau will be scheming to free him up in passing situations.

    I expect Jones to lead all rookies in QB pressures and sacks.
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  • I wanted to have some original picks for OROY and DROY, but both of my picks have already been mentioned in this thread. I'm going with DeAndre Hopkins and Jarvis Jones. I think they are the most NFL-ready and in the best situations to succeed.

    Obviously some of the offensive linemen are just as NFL ready and will start from day one, but offensive linemen never win OROY.
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  • OFF: Tyler Eifert
    DEF: Barkevious Mingo
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  • Offensive ROY: Matt Barkley

    Defensive ROY: DJ Hayden
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  • OROY - Tavon Austin
    DROY - Alec Ogletree

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  • Offensive ROY: Matt Barkley

    Defensive ROY: Kenny Vaccaro
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  • OROY: Aaron Dobson, NE
    DROY: Jarvis Jones, PIT
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  • OROY: Gio Bernard, Cincy

    DROY: Jarvis Jones, Pit
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  • OROY: Christine Michael
    DROY: Ty Powell
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  • Eh...

    OROY: EJ Manuel
    DROY: Jarvis Jones
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  • Not be flippant, but without the enjoymnet of watching Geno Smith throwing a fit, that draft was a total yawner.

    OROY: Yawn
    DROY: Yawn (Ok, Jesse Williams, since he's my adopted rookie).
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  • Off: DeAndre Hopkins (This guy is going to love being #2 to Andre Johnson - watch for him to get a lot of touches)
    Def: Arthur Brown
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