what are our needs by position, now that we added players?

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  • It has been amazing to watch this front office work at building and improving this team since Pete and John took over, but this year has been even more impressive. We have solved almost every weakness and have the luxury of not feeling so much pressure in the draft.
    My son and I have been doing our draft "guesses" every year just for a fun thing to work on together. (by the way he had Russell, Irvin and Wagner on his picks last year, with Turbin as an alternate, but I only had two correct). Since we have added so many great players during FA, how would you rank our draft objectives/needs by position (and by impact to the team) going into this draft? Thanks for your feedback for us.

    I know we have more than 8 draft picks, but these are my "unprofessional" thoughts for our needs in order...

    1) DT
    2) LB
    3) OL
    4) TE
    5) RB
    6) WR
    7) K
    8) DE, DB depth

    I'd like to see what some others think...

    I'm not a Seahawk fan because they are good now, I'm a fan because they are our team and I wouldn't consider changing good or bad...but it is sure satisfying to see them doing so well
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  • The team needs a third RB and I'm wondering what people think of Kenjon Barner out of Oregon? He could replace Leon Washington as KR/PR. Also I believe the team should spent one of the late picks on a kicker, preferably Dustin Hopkins from FSU.
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  • I'd move DE and DB depth up your list, just above RB. I think I'd swap WR and RB. I'd also prefer to not spend draft capital on a K (of course, this isn't an absolute, but there are plenty of FA and UDFA that will be available for camp). Aside from that, pretty spot on with my thoughts, even though I doubt that this will be the actual order of picks by position.

    I do like Kenjon Barner. I also like Kerwynn Williams. These are luxury picks, IMO. I'm not even sure that RB is a need right now, at least not pressing enough to warrant a day 2 pick unless it's excellent value.
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  • I say DT and LB are equal. I probably go with a LB in 2nd and DT in the 3rd

    1-2 DT - LB
    K (against most folks wishes, I'd drafted one in the 6th easily, I could even make the case to use the 25th pick in the 5th. Zuerlein was take with pick 1 in the 6th last year. If you could get a weapon like him for 10+ years I'd easily invest) Houston draft K Bullock with the 26th pick in the 5th last year.
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  • The team in fact still has 10 picks in this draft after trading away 2 for Harvin.

    Most every pick I see the team making is for a depth player as the starters are going to be hard to displace. Just spitballing here but the usual choices in no particular order of DT, WOLB, OT, FS, WR, move type TE, NCB, QB, PK, may be replaced simply by a draft philosophy where the team chooses the BPA at that pick who most improves the depth at any position on the team. That said the above list may address some potential needs or areas where depth might be improved.
    Until we develop a pass rush that will cause opposing teams to be forced to scheme to defend it we will never be able to consistently take the final step. The interior rush needs improvement. The OLine clearly still needs work.

    Super Bowl XLVIII Champions at last after 38 seasons. Awesome!!!
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  • I don't think I will get even one pick right this year on my draft picks, but this sure helps to make sense of the needs and makes it more fun to watch on draft weekend and see how Pete and John address this year and our needs. Somehow, I am guessing they will surprise us with something, either trading into the upper first round or doing something unexpected. So if I don't get any draft picks right, at least here are my guesses on something that I think will happen...

    1 Mel Kiper will not say "that's a horrible pick or simply mind-boggling" this year, instead he will say something safer like, "Pete Carroll must know something about this kid and he has proven me wrong before"
    2 Right after our 2nd round pick, there will be a pause and then Gruden will say, "well, This player may actually be the most talented athlete in the draft, but he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder"
    3 SB Nation will come out with the draft grades and give Seattle no higher than a C, but after next season, we will have found another starting LB, DT ,K and TE
    4 Pete and John will high-five several times in the VMAC war room
    5 Russell Wilson will text each new draftee immediately to welcome them on board and let them know what they need to work on.

    who could happen right
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  • I think the hawks should take either a DT or OT which ever prospect is graded higher on their board. I would say OT depth is a need we all know that both Okung and Giacomini are the undeniable starters on the team but if one of those guys go down it can sabatoge a offense(Eagles when they lost J. Peters). So i think with the weapons we've added to the skill positions and pass rush their is no need to go their early in the draft so why not let Cable pick out the best man for his system from what should be some quality players left at OT.
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