My shocking hawk mock

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My shocking hawk mock
Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:21 am
  • 2nd Round, #56 - Johnathan Hankins – DT - Ohio State – 6’3”, 320 lbs, 33” ArmL, 9.5” HndS
    5.31 40YD, 26” Vert, 104” BrJp, 7.59 ThCD, 4.61 ShSh
    Hankins is a very fundamentally sound interior defensive lineman with good power and adequate explosion off the snap. Doesn’t exhibit elite balance or agility to work through the trash and he doesn’t exhibit elite acceleration to close on the ball, but he shows excellent recognition and reaction to the ball, and he does a nice job of taking good angles to the ball. He opens up, tackles with good form and shifts nicely for the tackle if he gets a part of a ball carrier. He’s hard to run by without getting taken down by him. Doesn’t blow up the backfield consistently because he doesn’t use his hands as well as he could, but displays enough power and acceleration to push most linemen back, pressure the pocket consistently and control the line of scrimmage. Best fit for a nose tackle or defensive end in the 3-4 or 5 tech in the NFL. Capable of making an impact as a starter in his first year, but could be more dominant if he becomes more explosive off the snap and becomes more active with his hands.

    3rd Round, #87 - Cameron Colby – QB - Louisiana Tech – 6’2”, 212 lbs, 32” ArmL, 9” HndS
    4.78 40YD, 30.5” Vert, 112” BrJp, 6.98 ThCD, 4.28 ShSh
    I LOVE Colby!!! An accurate passer that’s quick enough to be a factor out of the pocket, even though he tends to favor throwing from the pocket. Can make all the throws required of an NFL QB with accuracy and touch. Has a quick and powerful release with nice grip on the ball. Shows the ability to put touch on his passes and drop a ball in, flick a pass or fire a pass depending on the throw that needs to be made. Does all the little things you like to see a QB do; such as look off receivers, pump fake and make multiple reads. May need to adjust to the speed of the NFL, but he’s a very mentally and physically gifted QB with a lot of upside. Isn’t afraid to try fitting a ball into a tight window or tight space and let his receiver make a play on the ball. Great at recognizing schemes and making adjustments as the game progresses, but he can get off to a slow start. Doesn’t get rattled if he makes a mistake, bounces right back and plays well under pressure. Has a lot of come from behind games under his belt. Cameron Colby is a QB that could come in and shock the NFL if a team gives him a chance to start, but I like Seattle picking him up to hopefully make Flynn and his contract expendable. The best QB in the draft. Just wait and see.

    4th round, #123 - Bennie Logan – DT - LSU – 6’2”, 309 lbs, 34” ArmL, 10.25” HndS
    30 BnRp, 25” Vert, 104” BrJp, 7.53 ThCD, 4.67 ShSh
    Logan is a strong DT all the way around. Strong upper body and a strong lower body he uses well to anchor with. Plays with excellent leverage and does a good job of getting underneath his opponent. Shows surprising acceleration and speed in pursuit. Needs to develop a quicker first step off the snap, use his hands better to disengage and pass rush, and use his legs more to drive his lineman into the backfield. Displays excellent recognition and ball location skills. Quick to react and usually closes a running lane if it’s in his range, but he could be dominant if he got more active with his hands and his legs. Gets his hands up and does a nice job of batting down passes when he can’t get to the QB. Very solid at tackling and hard to get by. Will bring down a back if he gets a hold of them. Bennie Logan is a very solid DT physically with some good fundamental skills, but he needs to refine the way he plays the position and become more explosive off the snap in regards to power and developing a quick first step if he wants to be a dominant DT in the NFL. Will be inconsistent his first year, but he has the potential to develop into a solid interior defensive lineman.

    5th Round, #138 - Joe Kruger – DE - Utah – 6’6”, 269 lbs,
    4.83 40YD, 24 BnRp, 34” Vert, 117” BrJp, 7.17 ThCD, 4.46 ShSh
    Joe Kruger is a well rounded defensive end that will make an immediate impact on a defensive line his first year. Physically strong at the point of attack and plays with a good pad level most of the time. Very explosive off the snap with good agility and balance to turn the corner. Needs to play with a wider base to establish a better pad level more consistently. Shows nice bend in the knees, but his feet are often too close together, which gets him more upright against blockers and costs him leverage. Moves down the line of scrimmage and through the trash extremely well. Exhibits very good footwork and shows a nice closing burst to the ball carrier. Very sound tackler and he almost never takes himself out of a play by lunging for a tackle. If he takes a bad angle, he has the agility to regather and continue in pursuit. High motor and hustle on the field. Doesn’t get great drop in coverage, but he gets a good enough drop to cover the flats and short zones. Kruger appears to be extremely well rounded and NFL Ready for DE in the 4-3 or OLB in the 3-4. Could be an impact player on the line quickly if he takes to playing with a wider base and more squat, and refines his upper body activity. Recognition, Reaction, Athletic Ability and most of the fundamentals appear to be in place

    5th round, #158 - Keith Pough – LB - Howard – 6’2”, 239 lbs, 33.5” ArmL, 9.62” HndS
    4.90 40YD, 17 BnRp, 33” Vert, 118” BrJp, 7.28 ThCD, 4.47 ShSh
    Forget the numbers. Pough can play football and will make an immediate impact at linebacker in the NFL. Extremely high football IQ. Great anticipation, recognition, awareness and reaction to the play. Almost seems to know what an offense is going to do before the ball is snapped and he shows excellent acceleration to the ball. Wastes very little space, uses his hands well to disengage and takes great angles to the ball. Often starts moving towards where a QB is going to throw the ball before a QB even let’s the ball go. Pough will contribute to any linebacking corp in his first year if he’s not stuck behind a pro bowl caliber linebacker. He has the instincts and well-rounded fundamental ability to be an absolute force after spending a year in an NFL strength and conditioning program. This guy just flat out knows how to play football and he has an excellent understanding of the game. The lackluster combine numbers make me happy because that means he has room to improve physically and he hasn’t reached his full potential. This guy would give the Seahawks 3 guys that can play any linebacker position with Wagner and Wright. These guys would Jedi Mind Trick an offense all game long. Pough has crazy young Tatupu type instincts and ability. Could play inside or outside.

    6th round, #194 - Matt Sewell – OT - McMaster (CN) - 6’8”, 345 lbs
    This kid isn’t just a Giant. He can play football pretty well and he’s a natural athlete for a man his size. Sasquatch big, like no soft midsection with tree trunks for legs and arms. While his footwork needs some work, he shows good balance, gets downfield pretty fast as a run blocker and has enough body control to sustain blocks on the move. He uses his hands extremely well and takes full advantage of his monstrous wingspan. He neutralizes defenders with a strong punch that he delivers quickly. Caught a glimpse of him at the Shrine Bowl and thought “Who the heck is that?” Watched more footage of him, compliments of Youtube, and I couldn’t pass on this guy if I was an NFL coach. This is a once in a blue moon player that comes along and redefines a position. He’s still raw, but he’s so naturally dominating. The natural physical talent this guy has is off the charts and I have no doubt this guy will be a perennial pro bowl OT if he puts his mind to it. The natural upside of Matt Sewell is incredible and he’s not a completely raw football player. He actually looks comfortable at left tackle. He just hasn’t had any quality coaching. Could be a dominant offensive tackle that redefines the position after a year or two of NFL coaching.

    7th round, #214 - Rodney Smith – WR - Florida State – 6’4”, 225 lbs, 34.75” ArmL, 10.37” HndS
    4.51 40YD, 34.5” Vert, 120” BrJp, 7.03 ThCD, 4.07 ShSh, 11.84 LoSh
    Very big receiver with strong hands and enough speed to stretch the field. Shows an ability to track the ball well and catches the ball away from his body. Doesn’t show good change of direction and he tends to round off his cuts on his routes and when he’s running with the ball. Shows great straight-line acceleration and speed to beat defenders on the deep routes and uses his hands well to create separation on the short routes, but he doesn’t adjust his speeds on his intermediate to deep routes and create separation. Doesn’t consistently get open or exploit soft spots in coverage. Exhibits awesome lower body strength and a strong upper body, but he doesn’t establish a base and use good leverage to win the physical battles at the line of scrimmage. Relies too much on his size and strength to overpower opponents, instead of using good technique. Could develop into a solid #1 or #2 WR if he gets better at creating separation and learns to play at a better pad level.

    7th round, #220 - Chad Bumphis – WR - Mississippi St. – 5’11”, 198 lbs. 40Yd: 4.4- (4.36-4.57)
    A deadly return man and a smart receiver that’s very quick with excellent route running and good hands. Bumphis reads coverages well, exploits soft spots nicely and gets in great position for the catch. He has great awareness and is extremely dangerous after the catch. Elusive and capable of breaking tackles with his agility. He doesn’t play with physicality and appears to be a finesse WR. Blocking is poor at best. He doesn’t use his hands well, he gets too high in his stance and he doesn’t drive through the block. He seems unwilling to be physical when the play requires him to be. He hits the ground if he senses a big hit coming. Bumphis’ ability to be a physical receiver that’ll help as a run blocker and win the physical battles is a major concern. “Primadonna” syndrome is something to consider. Despite that being said, Bumphis is undoubtedly one of the top pure receivers in the draft. Excellent hands, route running, vision and understanding of how to exploit defenses. Just hasn’t shown that he’s willing to be physical or aggressive.

    7th round, #231 - Mario Benavides – Center - Louisville – 6’3”, 290 lbs
    Very stout at the point of attack and excellent awareness. Drops and slides well to help other lineman and protect the middle in pass protection. Could be more effective as a run blocker. Has the speed, quickness and agility to get outside on the pull and turn, but he often doesn’t breakdown well and widen his stance before making contact in the open field, making him easy to turn and throw off balance. Shows power and leverage to hold a defender at bay or seal off a defender from the ball carrier, but doesn’t show the power to drive defenders away from the ball carrier. Benavides is a very athletic and fundamentally sound Center that fared well against elite competition, despite his smallish size. I expect him to be a sound starter at Center in the NFL within a year if he takes to a good NFL strength and conditioning program and fills out. Also needs to stay healthy to sustain the progress he makes physically. Multiple injuries are a red flag, but he’s also showed he’s a tough player that can play through those injuries. High pain tolerance.

    7th round, #241 - Michael Mauti – LB - Penn State – 6’2”, 243 lbs, 32.5” ArmL, 10.5” HndS
    28 BnRp
    Mauti’s upper body strength translates on the field. Could be more active with his hands when working through the trash. Tends to react and counter with his hands more than dictate the action, but he exhibits elite read and react along with great recognition skills. Doesn’t anticipate that much, but he exhibits excellent awareness, reaction, quickness and agility. Plays with excellent leverage and has great balance, but he could bulk up and strengthen his legs, as they look a bit thin for MLB or ILB and he does have issues with driving stronger defenders back on the bull rush with a good leg drive. Can be flattened by blockers with a good base, solid lower body strength and active enough hands to keep Mauti’s hands off them. Excellent in coverage. Again… Doesn’t anticipate too much, but he exhibits excellent awareness and reaction along with a nice close on the ball. Very good fundamental tackler that delivers punishing tackles and wraps up well. Shows excellent acceleration in pursuit and closes on the ball extremely well. Mauti is very disciplined and he almost never takes bad angles or gets in the wrong gaps. Mauti’s has a ton of the tools needed to be a successful LB in the NFL. Could be dominant with some work on being more active with his hands and a more powerful leg drive.

    7th round, #242 - Robert McCabe – LB - Georgetown, 6’2”, 234 lbs.
    Has the quickness to make plays from sideline to sideline, but he tends to go around blocks vs. trying to fight through blocks. Doesn’t tackle forcefully and shows poor tackling skills. He tracks the ball-carrier well, but he often lunges or reaches for the arm tackle, instead of breaking down and getting a part of his body on the ball carrier. He has an explosive initial burst, but he seems to stay at the same speed after get-off and doesn’t exhibit a great close on the ball, despite his great recognition and reaction. He doesn’t use his hands well to get off blocks and allows blockers to get into his body on the pass rush and in short yardage situations. Shows excellent drop and change of direction in coverage along with a good awareness of the QB and his man. Most of his weaknesses revolve around poor use of hands and poor angles to the ball because he tries to go around a block, instead of fighting through blocks. Doesn’t seem to have much intensity for a linebacker and that could be an issue. Very cerebral with a lot of tools to work with, but lacking in a lot of minor areas that add up. Needs to change the way he plays the game to be consistently successful as a linebacker in the NFL. Best suited for Sam in the 4-3.
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Re: My shocking hawk mock
Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:20 am
  • Nice presentation. I like the fact that you went against the grain by omitting many of the usual names. I am intrigued by some of these players and will look for some video to learn more. Good work.

    Unfortunately, the failure to mock anyone from my Orange earns you :177692:

    You'll just have to try harder next time.
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Re: My shocking hawk mock
Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:31 am
  • You can love Colby Cameron while still using a 7th round pick to get him, if you absolutely wanted no doubt use the second 5th round pick. He's projected as a 7th or UDFA
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Re: My shocking hawk mock
Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:01 am
  • I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Stefan Charles is a better pick than either your 2nd or 4th rounder.

    Kruger is not a fit for either one of our DE profiles.

    Colby in the third is insano.

    Pough ran a 4.9. Following that number with the statement forget the numbers is crazy talk. At Howard, that lack of speed does not matter. I project a 0% chance he plays WLB for the Hawks. Bigger Faster Stronger. All three matter to the Hawks.

    I applaud your passion for finding unknown names.
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Re: My shocking hawk mock
Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:25 pm
  • Yeah, I think the distinction has to be made here between guys they LOVE and guys they like.

    Just because Seattle is seen as a reach willing organization, doesn't mean they do it just for grins. There is a method to the madness and while the team does often reach relative to conventional media valuation -- they also have shown the ability to wait on players. And in particular, they have made the real distinction between guys they really like, versus guys the like but could go with several similar alternatives.

    I believe this draft is so difficult to get a grip on, because there doesn't seem to be those guys that we just absolutely love this year. If there are, they are doing a bang up job of keeping it close to the vest. We seem to like a small grouping of players -- which leads me to think we'll be extra active on trade down attempts. Particularly when it becomes apparent that several players we like at a pick are projected to still be available as the draft is unfolding. Seattle has a good history of making mini trades down in those situations.

    I don't see any of the guys in this mock as being guys they would noticeably reach for, except if a run happened on that 'pocket' of players that we identified as ones we liked in that range.

    Other than Greene, I don't think there's an OLB in this draft that Seattle would be willing to go with a 'forget the numbers' mentality. And even then, Greene put up outstanding production numbers consistently over the last 2 years. Beyond that, I suspect Seattle is going to remain faithful to the established measurables threshold that they've set over the last 3 drafts.

    I liked the overall idea of the draft. But I think many of these picks are taking extreme liberties with the notion that we pick unconventionally and aren't afraid to reach. Because when we've done that -- there are tangible reasons for them doing so. It's not just random craziness. Taking Colby in the third is kind of like mocking Greg Scruggs in the third.

    In addition, I find it difficult to envision us taking 3 LBs in this draft. Seattle does a good job of spreading out the draft love broadly across it's roster. Last years LB draft class was exceptional and we only took 2. At least if any of the first three drafts are an indication of overall draft philosophy. It fits the overarching theme of infusing competition. Add new blood in as many units as possible. It does seem noticeably consistent year over year.
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Re: My shocking hawk mock
Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:21 pm
  • Appreciate the effort and thought process. Funny enough, you picked a ton of my least favorite players in the draft.

    Hankins: My #1 least liked player in the whole draft. Generates zero pass rush and is much weaker against the run than he should be at his size. His 2011 season was just okay, but his 2012 season was a disaster. I'm shocked he's being talked about in the first round by some. Abry Jones is a superior version of the same player and might be had in the 7th round. Sadly, I would NOT be shocked if Seattle drafted Hankins. They have an occasional "wtf" draft evaluation and Hankins has the physical tools that Seattle wants from an all-around DT.

    Cameron: (It's Colby Cameron, not Cameron Colby). I see the appeal in Cameron, but his side arm release, mechanics issues, inconsistent accuracy and skinny frame make me want to stay away. I think Cameron will be on Seattle's radar despite my opposition, but they wouldn't take him this early, no way. Maybe 5th or 6th round.

    Logan: Another player I don't like that I could see Seattle drafting, though they wouldn't take Logan after already drafting Hankins.

    Kruger: I like Kruger a lot as a Jason Jones convert type project. Joe Kruger and Rodney Smith were the two picks I liked. I don't think Seattle would draft 3 defensive tackles at all though, much less this early.

    Pough: His tape is awful, and he's also very slow. This pick simply isn't happening, and that's a good thing.

    Sewell: Not familiar with him, so not giving an opinion.

    Smith: Probably the best pick you made, but I doubt he will last this long. 6'4" WRs are in very short supply this year. I think Smith probably leaves the board in rounds 4/5.

    All four 7th round picks: Not familiar with them, so not giving an opinion.
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Re: My shocking hawk mock
Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:49 pm

Re: My shocking hawk mock
Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:31 am
  • I'm with kearly on the fact that you mocked a couple of players I highly dislike or I think are overrated. I want no part of Johnathan Hankins and/or Bennie Logan. Replace Hankins for Brandon Williams/John Jenkins/or Jesse Williams and replace Logan for Penn St DT Jordan Hill.

    I'm undecided on the 3rd round pick, due to I haven't really scouted QB's this year...But, we do need to draft a QB or two somewhere in this year's draft. I would prefer to use a 6th and 7th round pick on a couple of QB's that can come in and compete as future backups to Wilson.

    Joe Kruger is intriguing and he could be a good fit in the Jason Jones role. Do you know if he has any experience playing DT?

    Keith Pough lack of speed is concerning and I like a lot of LB's in this draft and Pough is not one of them. The two 7th round LB's I don't know much about but I think it is a bit of an overkill to draft three LB's in one draft. We have a couple of good special-teams LB in Mike Morgan, Malcolm Smith, & 2nd year LB Korey Toomer is a 4.5 40-yard guy with a lot of upside. Maybe replace one of the 7th round LB for a different position like CB or TE.

    I like Rodney Smith and Chad Bumpis. Smith brings us some size and upside at WR that we don't currently have. Bumphis I think could be a solid player if given the opportunity or if we don't re-sign Tate and Baldwin when there contracts expire.

    I don't know much about the o-lineman you selected but I like taking a OT as well as a OC in this draft. If Unger were to go down with an injury I would prefer to stick a player in his place that has experience playing that position as opposed to assuming we could just slide one of our underachieving OG there.
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