Brian Banks signed by the Falcons per Schefter Tweet

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  • Adam Schefter‏@AdamSchefter3m
    Great story and opportunity: Falcons are signing LB Brian Banks this morning. Banks deserves it.

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  • Good for him, maybe fortune will start to smile on him now.
    Until we develop a pass rush that will cause opposing teams to be forced to scheme to defend it we will never be able to consistently take the final step. The interior rush needs improvement. The OLine clearly still needs work.

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  • Best of luck to him but those missing 10 yrs of competitive football, coaching and training is going to be hard to overcome. I wish him the best.

    A really strange tale. What was Wanetta's real story? How does smooching in the hallway lead to accusation of rape? But that is another post.

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  • The years lost can never be returned but I hope he has some success and can at least live a good life for the rest of his life. I hope he gets a good front office job by some NFL team if playing doesn't work out
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  • Best of luck Mr. Banks!
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  • Awesome to hear! I really wish the Hawks had signed him after showing interest.
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  • Actually I was hoping that one of the worst teams like browns, Oakland er would have signed him. Maximize the possibility that he can earn at least minimum NFL salary for a year or more...
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  • Good for this guy! Hope he can get on and make a difference on a very talented team like that
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  • Awesome news, best of luck to ya Brian!
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  • Ha ha was typing my post didn't see yours lol. Good luck Brian! I'm glad to see dreams really can come true. :th2thumbs:

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