odds that NFC West would become the best..

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  • I just cant help that to think that the NFL devisions eventually become better and its Cyclical in the fact that teams get better in cycles. Granted, the Seahawks have been good, but have been bad more times then not. Is this our time? I believe that this is the goal of fee agency, cap space and trades. "trying to make it fair".. I just can't help to think that it's OUr time and we need to make the best of it...
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  • There was a time in the early-mid 80's when the AFCW was the toughest division in football. Interestingly, while we already had a good owner prior to 1983, in '83 we got a new coach and new management and some good players and a new philosophy, and we were pretty darn good for quite a while after that. And we were a big part of the reason why the AFCW was so tough.

    deja vu

    Wait a minute...

    deja vu

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  • Which makes it the even more sweeter when we dominate this division with some tough losses and good wins, maybe us losing once to the Rams and 9ers, but we still end up 12-4 and winning our division. Since people thought that our division was tough, then pretty much we are one of the dominate teams in the NFL....hmmm. Is it true?
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  • What do you mean would? NFC West is the Best!! Hawks, 49ers and Rams will be a force to be recond with for years.
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  • If we continue putting NFC West teams into the NFC championship and superbowl, we'll be the best. Otherwise, not.

    Regular season records don't mean all that much.
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  • I understand what your saying but if someone could look up the stats...*hmrrmm, kearly?* I wonder if there is some sort of cycle..imagined or otherwise?
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  • Part of it is the inverse draft is going to put better talent on the bad teams. If the coaching change that eventually follows can spark that talent, then you have a chance to turn around the franchise.

    The 9ers have had pretty good talent over the past years and once they got Harbaugh in, that talent was able to be made a cohesive team.

    The Rams have had pretty high draft picks but not until Fisher came on board last year have they been able to put a product out that appears to have a bright future. QB is still a question but Bradford isn't a terrible QB. More talent on offense should help him and the Rams are loaded with top round picks for the next few years.

    The Cardinals have had high picks but organizationally, they just weren't sound. Whiz got them to the big game but they couldn't identify a franchise QB to take over for Kurt Warner. Palmer is a stop gap. Maybe he has a revival but they need a long term solution. Arians is just crazy like a fox enough that their fortunes could be brighter going forward.

    If you look at the AFCW, besides the Marty-Ball Chargers era, has been down for several years. Denver needs to identify a Post-Manning QB and KC will need to do the same but Smith may do for the short term.

    The AFCE has gotten shaky lately but as long as Bill/Brady are relevant, will not be looked at as weak. Dolphins should improve. Jets and Bills are unknown to me how long they will flounder. Jets were ascending but Sanchez does not appear to be the franchise QB they originally thought he was.

    The NFCE eventually will rebound, but Dallas and Philly have been mediocre. NY Giants slipped last year but have been a threat to win it all the past years. Washington is coming on though RGIII's health holds the key for them.

    So to answer the OP, the window is open for the Seahawks but there are a lot of competition in the conference so be cognizant of the fact it isn't a cake walk.
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