Wilson and Lynch both advance to 3rd round, keep voting!

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  • I called it already, I believe DangerRuss has as good a chance as any current player to win. That picture they have for him is perfect for the cover. The combination of the sleek new uniforms/helmet, the hype we have in the offseason, and the underdog nature of the way Wilson has had success, will resonate with Madden players.

    However, I believe Barry Sanders will win in the end.
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  • If anyone has checked the other plays, Eagles fans are flooding Desean Jackson's punt return against the Giants with votes. If it comes down to us and them in the finals, it will be tough to get Lynch the victory.
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  • I'd guess RG3 but if Wilson does I'm buying it for sure.
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  • Voted again for Lynch/Wilson!
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  • bump till the voting's over.
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  • Lets keep this discussion here.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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