Shamarco Thomas?

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Shamarco Thomas?
Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:19 am
  • Comparison of measurable #'s between Shamarko Thomas and the pot head.:

    Tyrann Mathieu has better numbers by 1/8" of hand size and .12 in the shuttle. All other measurable #'s show Shamarco Thomas to be the far superior draftee based just on these measurements (and many aren't even close).

    Additionally, Shamarco Thomas is faster, bigger and he has no problem making tackles (compare, to Mathieu's flops & lunges), is a focused, hard hitting player and was the top tackler on his team last year. Both players are very quick and highly aggressive, however with the character concerns over Mathieu's career IMO Shamarco Thomas is the smartest choice between the two and would fit in exceptionally well as a Seahawk as both an ET backup and slot corner. I think he could maybe even be an off the wall pick at #56, or he could still be around at the end of the 3-rd or 4-th rounds.

    CB-Tyrann Mathieu, 5-9, 186, LSU
    31-1/8" arms,
    *9-3/8" hands,
    34" vert,
    9'-9" broad,
    *4.14 shuttle,
    6.87 cone,
    4 reps,
    2.56-20 yard split,
    1.53-10 yard split.

    SS-=Shamarco Thomas, 5-9, 213, Syracuse,
    *4.37/40, (Reportedly was timed at 4.26 seconds in the 40-yard dash during Syracuse's junior timing day).
    *31-1/2" arms,
    9-1/4" hands,
    *40.5" vert,
    *11'-1" broad,
    4.26 shuttle,
    DNP cone,
    *2.49-=20 yard split,
    *1.52=10 yard split.


    Edit: Fixed it for you.
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Re: Tyrann Mathieu or Shamarco Thomas?
Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:24 am

Re: Shamarco Thomas?
Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:09 pm
  • Nice work Camano. I remember reading about him a while back, someone had a post but it's probably 40 pages down and I'm not going to try and find it.

    Looks like he would make a great slot cover guy and is fast enough to help in coverage over the top. I still miss Josh Wilson and think he would have been perfect in the role that Trufant was recently in. Maybe Shamarco will be better than JW.

    Edit: I have no idea what forum I am in :34853_doh:
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