Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft

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Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:26 am
  • I believe enough time has finally passed to decide how the Seahawks did in the 2010 draft.

    Round 1: LT Russel Okung, FS Earl Thomas

    Both of these picks have proven to be very good picks for the Hawks.

    The people picked between Okung and Thomas were:
    7 CLE Haden, Joe, CB, Florida
    8 OAK McClain, Rolando, LB, Alabama
    9 BUF Spiller, C.J., RB, Clemson
    10 JAX Alualu, Tyson, DE, California
    11 SF Davis, Anthony, OT, Rutgers
    12 SD Mathews, Ryan, RB, Fresno State
    13 PHI Graham, Brandon, DE, Michigan

    First round picks after Thomas:
    15 NYG Pierre-Paul, Jason, DE, South Florida
    16 TEN Morgan, Derrick, DE, Georgia Tech
    17 SF Iupati, Mike, OG, Idaho
    18 PIT Pouncey, Maurkice, C, Florida
    19 ATL Weatherspoon, Sean, LB, Missouri
    20 HOU Jackson, Kareem, CB, Alabama
    21 CIN Gresham, Jermaine, TE, Oklahoma
    22 DEN Thomas, Demaryius, WR, Georgia Tech
    23 GB Bulaga, Bryan, OT, Iowa
    24 DAL Bryant, Dez, WR, Oklahoma State
    25 DEN Tebow, Tim, QB, Florida
    26 ARI Williams, Dan, DT, Tennessee
    27 NE McCourty, Devin, CB, Rutgers
    28 MIA Odrick, Jared, DT, Penn State
    29 NYJ Wilson, Kyle, CB, Boise State
    30 DET Best, Jahvid, RB, California
    31 IND Hughes, Jerry, DE, TCU
    32 NO Robinson, Patrick, CB, Florida State

    Even with hindsight, I think I still take Okung and Thomas. I could see people make arguments for different people.

    Round one grade: A+

    Round 2: Golden Tate

    2nd round and beginning of third round picks after Tate:
    29 NYJ Ducasse, Vlad, OT, Massachusetts
    30 NE Spikes, Brandon, LB, Florida
    31 IND Angerer, Pat, LB, Iowa
    32 NO Brown, Charles, OT, Southern Cal
    1 STL Murphy, Jerome, CB, South Florida
    2 DET Spievey, Amari, CB, Iowa
    3 TB Lewis, Myron, CB, Vanderbilt
    4 KC Asamoah, Jon, OG, Illinois
    5 OAK Veldheer, Jared, OT, Hillsdale
    6 BAL Dickson, Ed, TE, Oregon
    7 GB Burnett, Morgan, SS, Georgia Tech
    8 BUF Carrington, Alex, DE, Arkansas State
    9 MIA Jerry, John, OT, Mississippi
    10 JAX Smith, D'Anthony, DT, Louisiana Tech
    11 CHI Wright, Major, FS, Florida
    12 NYG Jones, Chad, FS, LSU
    13 TEN Williams, Damian, WR, Southern Cal
    14 CAR LaFell, Brandon, WR, LSU
    15 SD Butler, Donald, LB, Washington
    16 DEN Walton, J.D., C, Baylor
    17 HOU Mitchell, Earl, DT, Arizona
    18 PIT Sanders, Emmanuel, WR, Southern Methodist
    19 ATL Peters, Corey, DT, Kentucky
    20 CIN Shipley, Jordan, WR, Texas
    21 CLE McCoy, Colt, QB, Texas

    Golden Tate struggled his first 2 seasons, but last season really blossomed into a solid player. I think in the second round I would still take him. Perhaps an argument could be made to have taken Mike Williams here (round 4 pick) but it would have been considered an EXTREME reach and he didn't do much last season.

    Grade: A

    Round 3: No picks
    Round 4: Walter Thurmond, EJ Wilson

    round 4 picks after Thurmond before wilson:

    14 NYJ McKnight, Joe, RB, Southern Cal
    15 NE Hernandez, Aaron, TE, Florida
    16 BAL Pitta, Dennis, TE, BYU
    17 NYG Dillard, Phillip, LB, Nebraska
    18 PIT Gibson, Thaddeus, DE, Ohio State
    19 ATL Hawley, Joe, OG, UNLV
    20 HOU Graham, Garrett, TE, Wisconsin
    21 MIA Edds, A.J., LB, Iowa
    22 CIN Atkins, Geno, DT, Georgia
    23 PHI Clayton, Keenan, LB, Oklahoma
    24 PHI Kafka, Mike, QB, Northwestern
    25 NO Woods, Al, DT, LSU
    26 CAR Norwood, Eric, LB, South Carolina
    27 PHI Harbor, Clay, TE, Missouri State
    28 DAL Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi, CB, Indiana

    round 4/5 Picks after Wilson
    30 DET Fox, Jason, OT, Miami
    31 IND McClendon, Jacques, OG, Tennessee
    32 ARI Schofield, O'Brien, DE, Wisconsin
    33 CIN Muckelroy, Roddrick, LB, Texas
    1 STL Hoomanawanui, Michael, TE, Illinois

    I'm still foolishly holding out a hope that Thurmond turns into a decent player, but he really hasn't done anything for the Seahawks. He has constantly been injured. Using hindsight with the Thurmond pick, I would have taken Dennis Pita.

    Definitely should have done something different with the EJ Wilson Pick, but I'm not sure who we should have taken.

    Round 4 Grade: B+

    Round 5: Kam Chancellor

    Round 5 picks after Kam:

    3 PHI Sapp, Ricky, DE, Clemson
    4 ATL Franks, Dominique, CB, Oklahoma
    5 KC Lewis, Kendrick, FS, Mississippi
    6 DEN Cox, Perrish, CB, Oklahoma State
    7 OAK McFadden, Walter, DB, Auburn
    8 NYJ Conner, John, RB, Kentucky
    9 BUF Wang, Ed, OT, Virginia Tech
    10 CHI Moore, Joshua, DB, Kansas State
    11 KC Sheffield, Cameron, DE, Troy
    12 JAX Hart, Larry, DE, Central Arkansas
    13 HOU McManis, Sherrick, CB, Northwestern
    14 MIA Carroll, Nolan, CB, Maryland
    15 SD Thomas, Cam, DT, North Carolina
    16 NYG Petrus, Mitch, OG, Arkansas
    17 TEN Johnson, Robert, DB, Utah
    18 STL Davis, Hall, DE, Louisiana-Lafayette
    19 NE Mesko, Zoltan, P, Michigan
    20 PIT Scott, Chris, OT, Tennessee
    21 CIN Hudson, Otis, OG, Eastern Illinois
    22 JAX Lane, Austen, DE, Murray State
    23 GB Quarless, Andrew, TE, Penn State
    24 ARI Skelton, John, QB, Fordham
    25 BAL Reed, David, WR, Utah
    26 BAL Jones, Art, DT, Syracuse
    27 NO Tennant, Matt, C, Boston College
    28 PHI Cooper, Riley, WR, Florida
    29 CLE Asante, Larry, SS, Nebraska
    30 MIN Degeare, Chris, OT, Wake Forest
    31 IND Eldridge, Brody, TE, Oklahoma
    32 MIA Jones, Reshad, SS, Georgia
    33 PIT Butler, Crezdon, CB, Clemson
    34 ATL Meier, Kerry, WR, Kansas
    35 PIT Sylvester, Stevenson, LB, Utah
    36 MIN Triplett, Nathan, LB, Minnesota
    37 SD Crompton, Jonathan, QB, Tennessee
    38 GB Newhouse, Marshall, OT, TCU

    I really don't even need to explain this pick. Amazing pickup for the 5th round.

    Round 5 Grade: A+

    Round 6: Anthony McCoy

    Round 6 after McCoy:
    17 CLE Geathers, Clifton, DE, South Carolina
    18 HOU Smith, Shelley, OG, Colorado State
    19 PIT Dwyer, Jonathan, RB, Georgia Tech
    20 STL Sims, Eugene, DE, West Texas AM
    21 OAK Goethel, Travis, LB, Arizona State
    22 CIN Briscoe, Dezmon, WR, Kansas
    23 BUF Batten, Danny, DE, South Dakota State
    24 GB Starks, James, RB, Buffalo
    25 BAL Harewood, Ramon, OT, Morehouse
    26 PIT Brown, Antonio, WR, Central Michigan
    27 DAL Wall, Jamar, CB, Texas Tech
    28 HOU Holliday, Trindon, KR, LSU
    29 CAR Gettis, David, WR, Baylor
    30 MIN Webb, Joe, QB, UAB
    31 PHI Scott, Charles, RB, LSU
    32 ARI Calvin, Jorrick, DB, Troy
    33 CAR Pugh, Jordan, DB, Texas A&M
    34 JAX McGee, Scotty, KR, James Madison
    35 CAR Pike, Tony, QB, Cincinnati
    36 NE Larsen, Ted, OL, North Carolina State
    37 SF Williams, Kyle, WR, Arizona State
    38 TEN Rolle, Myron, SS, Florida State

    We got a long term backup in McCoy who has been able to produce for us in critical times.

    Round Grade: A

    Round 7 Picks: Dexter Davis, Jameson Konz

    The round 7 picks are all essentially people nobody knows of. These picks didn't pan out to anything, but neither did anybody elses.
    Round Grade: C

    Overall, I think the Seahawk's did fairly well in the 2010 draft.

    Overall Grade: A-

    How do you guys think we did?
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:38 am
  • Surely with hindsight you take Geno Atkins or Aaron Hernandez over Dennis Pitta?

    We drafted 4 starters (two all-pros, one pro-bowler) and a competent #2 TE.

    That's an A+ draft - if you could do that every year you'd have the best team in the league after 5 years (or in actual fact, just 3 apparently)
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:44 am
  • pretty good analysis. Hernandez or Pitta over Thurmond would probably have saved us spending the money on Zach Miller, but who knows how we would have spent to pick up another CB instead. Geno Atkins is pretty solid as well and could be a starter for us whereas Thurmond has been injured and hasn't seen many plays. Obviously you never know how future picks would work out if you change one thing, but Jeremy Lane has impressed me quite a bit and he might make Thurmond even less valuable. They must really like Thurmond tho to have kept him around and hanging near the 3rd/4th spot on the depth chart for so long despite his inability to stay on the field.

    Okung is the staple of our line, Earl Thomas has proven to be a bigger playmaker and stay much healthier than Eric Berry, and Golden Tate is probably one of my top 3 or 4 favorite players on the team even though I know he doesn't have superstar numbers, I just like watching him play.

    Hindsight is always nice but we obviously whiffed on EJ Wilson in RD4, if there were a 're-draft' I would take Riley Cooper WR that the Eagle's took in round 5. More of a depth/ST guy but at least he would be on the team.
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:48 am
  • Actually, I think Pitta is better then Hernandez.

    I could see the argument for Atkins, but I think I would still take Pitta.
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:55 am
  • If I had a do-over, knowing what we know now about our team and the guys available, I'd take Geno Atkins over Walter Thurmond in a heart beat. I understand and respect the logic behind the Thurmond pick, and at the time our secondary was in dire need of talent, but Walter just hasn't been able to stay healthy. Atkins on the other hand is a freaking all-pro 3-tech sack machine DT. there is no greater need on our team right now. We'd be a totally different animal defensively with a beast like that applying pressure up the middle.

    But, no do-overs so... meh. Still an amazing draft. And I'm still waiting on the Konz to break out.
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:59 am
  • Jeez, looking back that was a pretty good TE class.

    Patriots and Ravens walked out winners though.

    Patriots got Gronkowski, and Hernandez

    Ravens got Ed Dickson & Dennis Pitta
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:11 am
  • 2010 Capt. Hindsight draft

    Round 1: Russell Okung, Earl Thomas
    Round 2: Geno Atkins
    Round 4: Dennis Pitta, Walter Thurmond
    Round 5: Kam Chancellor
    Round 6: Antonio Brown
    Round 7: Victor Cruz
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:16 am
  • I remember watching Pita at the combine and thinking how effortlessly he grabbed the ball with his hands. I had no idea about Geno Atkins, but I was bummed we didn't take Pita.
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:01 am
  • godawg wrote:I remember watching Pita at the combine and thinking how effortlessly he grabbed the ball with his hands. I had no idea about Geno Atkins, but I was bummed we didn't take Pita.

    I was too. I'm not a BYU fam, but living in Utah,I saw a lot of him in college. Guy has fantastic hands, catches most anything. I was hoping we would pick him up as well.
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:04 pm
  • At the time, I would have gone...:

    6: Okung (he was the correct choice then and now)
    14: I loved Thomas, but I was crazy-high on Morgan. Thomas is easily the better player, though Morgan has been nagged by injuries. In retrospect, JPP may be the best of the lot, but I couldn't justify JPP over Thomas as a prospect.

    2nd round: Tate. Tate was talked about as a first-rounder, and I hated him in that spot. But, when he fell into the late second, he was the easy choice then, and probably still the correct choice.

    4th: Thurmond. I loved this pick!!! And I still think that he's a better player than the depth chart conveys. I may have gone DT here (I liked Atkins) but couldn't fault Thurmond. He's a fine player, but there was probably a better option in retrospect.

    4th: Wilson. I hated the pick then and I hate the pick now. Like the OP - not sure who I would have gone.

    5th: Kam. I was wrong about Kam. Or rather, I was right about him before I was wrong about him... I didn't like Kam as a prospect. He was stiff, tall, and slow to react. His track speed didn't show on film, and I kinda hated him as a prospect. I thought he had a bad camp and a horrid rookie year (especially the first half); I remember thinking that he was going to get cut in the 2011 camp. But wow did he figure it out! Short of JPP, no one in this draft did more to develop potential into talent, and I have a huge amount of respect for him for that. Today, he is on the short list for best SS in the NFL.
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:05 pm
  • Yeah I remember all the Morgan lovers out there
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:19 am
  • Image
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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:40 pm
  • Can you imagine if we could swap out Thurmond for Atkins... ahhh what could have been.

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Re: Reviewing the Seahawks 2010 draft
Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:45 pm
  • On the flip side if teams could redraft, you can bet Kam, Thomas, and Russell would have all gone top 20 and Tate might slip into the bottom of the 1st round.
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