Who is the better weapon Cook or Amendola

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Who is the better weapon Cook or Amendola
Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:33 pm
  • i never really pay attention to any other teams news but the rams losing Amendola for Cook was a good thing for my seahawks i think Cook is the more physically imposing player but Amendola was a pain in the u know what match up wise. he was harder to cover and seemed to always find holes in the D, would also come up with the big catch. so i'm good with Amendola leaving.
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  • I think Amendola missed 20 games in the last two years. I he goes over the middle like Welker did he will be in IR come game 3 of the season.

    Cook is a really good player I think St Louis is doing a good job off improving
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  • I think in the long run cook will help their overall record, but as far as our matchups twice a year, I'm glad amendola is gone
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  • It's a little comforting but a little scary. A good TE used in proper situations is near impossible to shut down, and gives Bradford confidence. If Cook can stay consistent he will be a huge improvement over Amendola's inconsistency.
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  • Fischer is a very good coach, they are retooling a bit and I think headed in a very good direction...they also have some very good draft picks to utilize so soon we will have to fear the Rams....hopefully not to soon though the Niners never beat em last season!
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  • Easily Amendola. Much better receiver. Cook has talent but lacks motivation.
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