How do the Hawks address the D Line now?

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How do the Hawks address the D Line now?
Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:28 pm
  • OK so we are all super pumped about the Harvin trade: Awesome player, big need filled, future opponents are terrified, etc.

    But there is still that small problem of filling some major holes on the D line and improving a pass rush that all too often was completely invisible. As things currently stand, we are minus one solid starter in Alan Branch, likely minus another excellent starter at least for a while in Chris Clemons, and minus a solid rotational guy in Jason Jones. Depending on how you feel about Bruce Irvin as a 3 down DE, perhaps we are covered with Clemons insurance, but lets leave that issue for another thread.

    At the very least, we need another LEO or 3rd down specialist while Clemons is hurt. We also need a starting caliber DT, either a monster space eater like Branch or a smaller 3 tech who can collapse the pocket. I think it is fair to say that we need 2 starting caliber D linemen.

    Prior to the Harvin trade, it seemed reasonable to think that we could sign at least 1 quality free agent DE like Abraham, Freeny, or Osi. There are also a few good DT's available like Desmond Bryant and Richard Seymore. Finally, in a draft rich at the top with quality D line players, it seemed pretty reasonable to think we may use the 25th pick on a DL player.

    My how things change. Cap space just took a massive hit with the Harvin trade and the 25th pick is gone. What do we do now? They will have to do something. There are roster holes on the DL that really need to be filled, and doing so seemingly has just gotten a lot more difficult. I doubt we find a starter on the DL with no first round pick, but you can never count out this front office with the way they draft. Signing a more talented free agent also just got harder, but we don't yet know what Harvin's cap hit will be. Can we just resign Branch and/or Jones? Are there some bargain basement veteran stopgaps who can get the job done?

    For a team poised to make a superbowl run, these are some real issues in my opinion. I do not doubt for one second that this front office will figure it out, but they are likely going to have to get creative. What do you think?
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  • Bennett and Bryant would be great, but they will cost too much.

    I think one of Richard Seymour, Osi Umeniyora, or John Abraham will come here, plus Seattle retains Jason Jones. Then they go trawling in the draft and hope that Dan Quinn can continue to develop Jaye Howard. I sure hope that Greg Scruggs ends up being the answer. That would be almost too easy.
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  • I imagine we address it the same way we were planning to before the Harvin trade...

    Mid-level FA and the draft. Abraham isn't off the table. Bryant isn't off the table. Using a 2nd and 3rd rounder on the D-line isn't off the table.

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  • Have faith.
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  • They say, "Boys, just gotta hold them under 40 and we win."
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  • I don't know but after our defense let Michael Turner run all over them and gave Matt Ryan all day to throw, I'm worried.
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  • The Lions are targeting Jason Jones per PFT, so he is probably out of here.
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  • I think Abraham becomes a real possibility even more so than before the trade. Short term contract that fills big need for us. Plus he gets a chance to play on a super bowl caliber team. Hopefully JS and Pete can make this happen. I kinda doubt we will be able to sign Desmond Bryant now.
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  • Cap space just took a massive hit? How's that possible when there's been no talk of contract details with Harvin?

    And no, there wasn't anything to say that we were going to use the 25th pick on DL. So far the only thing that has changed is that the Hawks have gotten a lot better.
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  • I really don't understand why people keep saying we can't do stuff this year because of the Harvin deal (which hasn't even been agreed to yet as far as terms). We have no idea what it will or won't do to the cap. They may structure it to leave them the ability to sign another free agent or two. I mean honestly, we had I think it was $13 million or so in cap space before the trade and we can easily squeeze harvin in with millions to spare.

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  • DT wise there's Knighton, who some think is an upgrade over Branch, there's Vance Walker who could sign pretty cheap out of Atlanta if we pursued him. Desmond Bryant will likely cost more then we will pay.

    DE we could probably sign Abraham or Freeny at a I just want to win a SB rate.

    Draft some more DTs and DEs.

    There's bargains to be found.
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  • I can almost guarantee you that Harvin's cap this year will be roughly equal to the contracts they are about to cut (like Obomanu and probably Washington, and possibly Flynn) or even restructure candidates (like Miller).

    I have no idea why fans get so fussy about the salary cap -- LET THE FRONT OFFICE MANAGE THE NUMBERS, PEOPLE. We have a shrewd GM and a cap expert working football adminitsration. They know what they are doing.
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  • Seahwks are one of six teams interested in Desmond Bryant.
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  • This trade pretty much confirmed they didn't like anyone on D at 25. We could've gone WR at 25, and who knows how that would've worked out. Would've been cheaper but when would he produce? We know what were getting with Harvin.

    And like someone on the radio said earlier today. Why does it have to be one or the other? We can still get some quality D players with our 8 other picks and a FA pickup is still a possibility.
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  • I think at some point we knew that they would get aggressive and add a key player or 2 when they felt like they could win it all. This is that time. I expect a big time DT or DE FE and a couple draft picks
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  • Assuming Harvin = 10 million
    subtract obomanu 2.3 million
    subtract washington 1.5 million
    subtract flynn 7 million

    Should not be a problem to still make acquisitions. These are only estimations and the aforementioned players salaries might be counted differently against our cap, but I think the point is still valid.

    Let sign Bryant and Abraham and resign Branch and call it a day.
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  • I think they see Harvin as an impact player a dynamic WR and kick returner that simply wasn't available at 25 and there was a trade that worked because Minnisota can't keep there talent.
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  • Draft the best DE on the board in the second round,draft a DT in the fourth,another DE in the 5th and sign Richard Seymour,jason jones, to very cap friendly deals. Pray to the football gods that Howard n Scruggs (mainly Howard) improve. Then i think our pass rush will be managable for the season and if the price for Harvin is'nt to high on this years cap i'd sign abraham too.
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  • we sign 2 DL abraham and freeney
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  • I think they weren't going to draft a DL in the first round anyways, because the draft is deep in the DL I think there's a good chance they may be able to get first round production out of a DL in the 2nd or 3rd round. Worked out with Bobby Wagner right?
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  • how do we know we can't steal a guy in the draft, and how do we know that second year guys like scruggs and howard don't step up?

    if clemons can get himself healthy and irvin has a good second year the situation isn't as dire as it seems. Especially with an offense that will put up more points and force other teams to take more chances that we can turn into turnovers.
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  • If we can keep branch and add one veteran DE like Osi, Abraham, or Freeney I think we can address the issue through the draft. We can also add a WLB that can get to the QB in the draft. With Harvin was have nearly solidifed an offensive juggernaut, but adding a TE in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, would be awesome. I can see us load up on DE's, DT's, and LB's with our 8 picks, and we should have two 7th round comp picks. maybe a mid round from Flynn and hopefully a 6th or 7th for Leon.
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  • I'm thinking we're going to blitz a lot in the 4th quarter with a lead. Gus is gone and I'm seeing us throwing a little more early and running the ball and blitzing to dictate games late, I'm calling 10 picks for Sherm next year.
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  • We're getting Abraham for sure. Hawk Blogger just predicted it, so that's a done deal. :mrgreen:
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