Best Japanese restaurant in the greater Seattle area?

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  • I'm talking about the restaurants that put on a show while cooking awesome food for you, not a great sushi place. I hate sushi, and I've given it many chances to try and like it over the years seeing as I'm a guy with a wide open pallet and wants to love everything. I've done Benihana a few times, but I consider them slightly above the Denney's of Japanese restaraunts. Kamon Of Kobe in Bellevue used to be a destination for fancy dining, but now it sucks. So what is now the big fancy Japanese place where the chefs put on a show at the table for you, and the food is awesome as a bonus?
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  • Tokyo Steakhouse in Bellevue. Thought it was pretty legit.
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  • Maneki - Over 100 years old, including its absence during WWII. In Chinatown and make a reservation if you want a seat or tatami room after 6:00 PM. They don't provide a show, just quality Japanese food.

    The only places that put on a show are Teppanyaki Restaurants like Benihana's... if you're looking for the best version of that I can't help.
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  • Mizu in Covington? Haven't been there but I drive by many times a week.
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  • Jazzhawk wrote:Mizu in Covington? Haven't been there but I drive by many times a week.

    I second this. I'll preface this statement by saying that I have a severe seafood allergy and therefore don't frequent Japanese restaurants much, limiting my knowledge of Japanese cuisine, but I've been to Mizu's in Southcenter a couple times, found the food to be of good quality, enjoyed watching the chef perform his tricks with knives, sherry, and sesame oil. Kinda expensive ($30 a plate, roughly), but these places usually are.
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