Remember that fan poll for the top defense last year?

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  • I don't have the link, but you guys probably remember it anyway. There was a site out there, pro-football something or other, and they asked who would have the best defense in 2012. They had a list of 16 teams I think and they did an elimination tournament based on votes from the fans. Probably because of ballot stuffing from places like .net, Seattle ended up winning every round including the championship round against the Steelers. This was coming off a year where both the Steelers and 49ers had incredible defenses. They had to put up videos for every round and their response was basically "well, we know Seahawks fans are stuffing the ballot boxes, but yeah, the fans say Seattle will have the #1 defense that year."

    They then made a video making a case for each of the top 4 teams, but the argument for Seattle was mostly tongue in cheek, as if the Seahawks didn't deserve to be there.

    Funny how that worked out, huh?
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  • I remember voting and thought that it had to be us or SF and no way i could vote for them. I cant remember the site name.
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  • So awesome. I do recall a lot of ballot stuffing. By me.

    It was a Profootball weekly video series.
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  • I stuffed it as well. Not out of homer-ism(only) but because I saw were the D was headed. I watched the growth and believed it would be so. Next year number 1. That is the progression.
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  • Richard Sherman doesn't just wanna get in your head, he wants to build a vacation home there.

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  • That was great fun! I loved it! :)
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  • Some of the comments after the article are hilarious.
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