My very general take on our QB situation

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My very general take on our QB situation
Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:50 am
  • Yes, another Flynn thread, but hell, it's the offseason. Like the title says, this is just a general overview of the position...I'm not getting into potential trade value for Flynn, the weakness at the top end of the draft, etc.

    Like it's been said, cutting Flynn now would save more next year than this upcoming year. You approach this position like many others; what is the total position costing me (the team) and how is my depth after the starter ? (Obviously assuming the starter is of good quality, if not you have a hell of a lot more questions).

    As has been said ad nauseum, we have an elite level starting QB and we're paying peanuts for him, so overpaying for his backup really isn't expensive, per the position. The Chiefs are paying more for Matt Cassell than we're paying for all the QBs on our roster. Just think on that for a minute.

    Then, more importantly for me, how is the depth ? By now, even the naysayers have to see that we're a legitimate Superbowl contender. We're expected, not speculated, to contend for the division title, make the playoffs, and make a deep run. SF is a good team that just made the SB itself. Every game is important; there's no more "well, it was on the East coast, blah blah" excuses.

    If we cut/trade Matt Flynn, we will be looking at a rookie drafted most likely after round 3. That's who is holding the SB dreams of the Seahawks and the entire Pacific NW fanbase in his hands. If you're a GM, are you really comfortable with that, for a savings of 2 million ? To me, the cap savings is not worth getting rid of one of the better backups in the league.

    Wilson is incredibly smart about contact. He avoids it well on the run, but he really does run a lot. We're not looking at Kaepernick or RG3 or Cam Newton, but Wilson moves a ton for a QB. So, it's not really collision related injuries, but it can be: straine hamstring, sprained ankle, sprained knee, then the usual stuff: breaking a finger on a helmet, separated shoulder from a sack, etc. If any of these occur, we're looking at a rookie QB that might be the equivalent of our FB Michael Robinson coming out of Penn State in his first year.

    THat doesn't make that 2-3 million in cap space saved seem very valuable to me.
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  • Our cap space is good, the only reason our cap space matters now is in the case of re-signing guys because i'm going to assume we won't be adding any huge name free agents; rice and miller are two of the highest paid players on our roster thanks to FA spending and I don't see this FO getting buried under more heavy contracts.

    That being said, we can use our cap space wisely now buy re-signing the guys that we can to front-loaded contracts that cost us more of a cap hit now than they do later. Which is the opposite of how they usually go.

    IMO you trade Flynn if you get a good offer, or you trade him for whatever you can get or release him if you plan on doing those front-loaded resignings.
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  • Ad nauseum is right.. another keep Flynn thread/post.

    It's pretty simple, Your starting QB goes down, your SB dreams pretty much go with it.
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  • Anybody know the cap difference between cutting him and trading him?
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  • I'm not advocating keeping him if it costs us another important piece of this team, but to my knowledge, it wouldn't.

    My point is, if we get rid of him, what's our backup option?

    And as to losing your SB dreams, SF just got there with their backup to start the season. There are also a lot of other examples where a team's backup came in to save a season until the starter got healthy.
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  • I'm torn between keeping Flynn for reasons the OP stated plus the possibility, however remote, of Russ enduring the dreaded sophmore slump. But, if there was a year to get any value for Flynn it would be now, given the dearth of quality QB's coming out this draft.

    I'd just assume keep Flynn on the team for the foreseeable future, with the caveat that he wanted to stay and could be content being a back-up. As it stands we have one of the best back-ups in the league and that's a good thing.
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  • Easy conclusion - you keep Flynn because it's the best thing for the team.

    One other point I'd like to make about Flynn - is to take a moment and recall the reasoning as to why he was brought in. Recall that the FA class was weak, and Flynn was the best of the bunch. Recall that aside from RG3 and Luck, the remainder of the rookie QB's were gambles - and that included Wilson. I remember a lot of head scratching when we drafted 5'10" Wilson out of Wisconsin. If not for the incredible special on ESPN with Little Chuckie breaking down and endorsing Wilson, there could have been rioting in the streets.

    Moving forward and adding another wrinkle to this discussion - what if Wilson goes down? Remember that Flynn was VERY efficient in the preseason last year. I feel good about his potential in a QB down situation. I completely support (greedily) SF making their move to trade Smith. Kaepernutz is not different than RG3 in the sense that he's bigger, lankier, and potentially more "injurable". Anyone who didn't see the RG3 injury coming had rose-colored glasses - similar to the glasses worn by the pompous 49er fans that think they no longer need Smith. They should keep his ass and not trade him to KC. If Nutz goes down, they will be a 8-8 team at best.
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  • All this has been discussed at least twice in this thread.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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